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18-08-11, 03:24
I am looking to get a Commodore 64, (I hate myself for note keeping the like 3 i had over the years) but I was wondering how I will get any games for it, I assume most discs are probably demagnitized/damaged by now, If I buy an original copy of a game can I download a rom and get it onto a new 5.25 or somehow or get it onto an original commodore system via some other media/connection?


18-08-11, 03:54
Oh yeah, really today it comes down to pick how you want to do it.

If you want to go old school you can get a PC to 1541 disk drive adapter which is a simple cable that allows a windows PC to control a 1541 drive, and thence write disk images to 5 1/4 floppies which are still available in bulk for dirt cheap.

You can buy one of these (http://www.1541ultimate.net/content/index.php) and you can use a SD card or USB stick with the board as a virtual 1541, a very slick solution with the entire history of the C64 on one micro SD.

Another option is the Multiple Classic Computer (http://mcc-home.com/) which I picked up at CGE 2010, freakin amazing device. It is a C64, Amiga 500, and Atari 2600 one one pocked sized box that uses a USB keyboard and mouse.

My favorite over the years has been the super snapshot plugged into a MMC64 with an SD card. I use this because I can add in an ethernet port and a RS232 modem. You can buy these from Individual Computers (http://www.jschoenfeld.com/home/indexe.htm) in Germany. That said, while it is a more capable solution for some uses the Ultimate II or a MCC is allot easier to use for most people.

18-08-11, 05:17
Cool! I had no Idea that the 5 1/4 floppies were still available. The ultimate 1541 looks pretty sweet I might have to get one after I get a system but I might start out with a 1541 to PC cable just for the nostagic factor to start with. It looks like the MMC64 is no longer in production.

Now that I know that there are a few ways of getting games on it I will definitely be picking up a gold ol' C64. I"ve been looking locally on Cragislist and at garage sales/flea markets without any luck. I can't find an actual system on gamegavel's auctions :(. I donated two 1541's to someone at the Cleveland CCAG show back in 2007, I wish I had held on to one of them.

18-08-11, 06:47
MMC64 comes and goes, but the easiest off the shelf option is the ultimate II or the MCC.

15-08-12, 04:20
Check this out, 1541 disk drive emulation software.

With a XE1541 adapter and a commodore serial cable you can use a computer to emulate a 1541 disk drive and play disk images on a real C64

64hdd software (free)

XE1541 adaptor is $15 on amazon http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005G8AX3K/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&smid=A1LHQ5G6ONPXVT

15-08-12, 03:44
Now all we need is the long promised C64 to VGA / PC monitor adapter and we're good to go :)
Not many people have their C64/TV located next to their PC, otherwise this is a great solution.

Matt Den.aris
26-09-12, 05:52
Really intrigued by this Multiple Classic Computers. I guess, without reading too much about it, it reads .D64 files and .ADF for Amiga? Could be interested in one of these.

Definitely need something like this or the SD card solution for the 64.

27-09-12, 03:47
I've got to say that I am disappointed in c64hdd. The main problem is that many games use drive operation codes for copy protection or cracks that c64hdd does not support, most of the games I try to load give me the three beeps to let me know it can't perform the disk operation and the game stops loading.

Looks like I need a replacement 1541 drive or an SD adaptor or the MCC. I'm not sure how the MCC would work without a commodore keyboard

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27-09-12, 03:57
The bulletproof method is to hook your 1541 up to a PC and make the disks you want, that has yet to fail me.

The MCC works great with an El cheapo keyboard, if you want the Commodore specific markings the makers of the MCC sold (and hopefully still do) a keyboard with the proper C64 markings.

SID Kidd64
07-10-12, 11:24
Hey retro fellas,

as Scott already mentioned, there is a company over here in Germany that is still developing and releasing brand new hardware for Commodore computers (well basically just Amiga and C64) that is called Individual Computers. I was wondering why no one has mentioned their brand new "Turbo Chameleon" cartridge, which is (from my opinion) the best ever made hardware expansion for the C64. The TC64 combines all needs that you ever wished for i.e. : VGA output, SD card slot, network interface (not released yet!), up to 4 emulated drives, cartridge emulation (it comes with Final Cartridge 3 and Retro Replay (Action Replay), just to name the most popular), stereo SID, RAM expansion up to 16MB, turbo mode. But you don't just get a new hardware expansion for your C64, the TC64 is a FPGA computer, which means it has a chip inside that simulates a full logic circuit, therefore it can also be run standalone with all it's features.The TC64 comes with a breakout cable which has ps/2 connectors for a keyboard and mouse, an IEC port (to connect a real floppy drive or other serial hardware) ,a USB power connector and has on the cartridge a stereo headphone output and an infrared port. If you are lucky to own a CDTV remote you can use it as a joystick and play C64 games just with the TC64 cartridge, the remote and a USB power supply on your actual VGA display! Not to be forgotten is also the available docking station: 4 standard 9 pin joystick/mouse ports and connectors for either an original C64 keyboard or Amiga. It is the ultimate swiss tool for all C64 fanatics.
But there is more to mention: in standalone mode the TC64 can use other system cores than just a C64. There are already working system cores for an Amiga and ZX Spectrum available. I havn't tried the Speccy yet but the Amiga works great. I own two TC64 with docking stations, one is mostly connected to my real C64 and the other one runs an ECS Amiga with Kickstart 3.1, Classic Workbench (WHDLoad!), 12 MB Ram, 4 GB harddisk (.hdf image!) and up to 4 disk drives.

The hardware is available through www.vesalia.de or www.amigakit.com. It is still in beta status but the main features are already working like a charm. Visit www.syntiac.com/chameleon.html for all detailed information. If you want to spent some money, you will be really pleased with this little piece of hardware. Check the mailing list at http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/chameleon_64 for latest developments as well as feedback from actual users.

Ok, I guess that's it for know...as you might have noticed I am new to the forums, originally I wanted to introduce myself first, but this thread was too interesting and I had to give my two cents on this first :)

SID Kidd64 aka Danny

08-10-12, 12:19
as Scott already mentioned, there is a company over here in Germany that is still developing and releasing brand new hardware for Commodore computers (well basically just Amiga and C64) that is called Individual Computers. I was wondering why no one has mentioned their brand new "Turbo Chameleon" cartridge

Excellent post Danny, DE has always been and remains an amazingly fertile Commodore community. I miss going to all the demo parties when I lived in Rhineland Pfalz. As far as the Turbo cart goes it is on my radar and will get purchased and reviewed but probably not until next year because I already have the year booked up for HWFB segments.

27-11-12, 07:44
I hadn't read much on these but say C64 SD on eBay for $80 USD and grabbed it up really quick. I hope all my games will work with it. The c64hdd didn't work with a lot of games. Anyone know if this unit is any good?


29-11-12, 01:17
Seems to be getting pretty good reviews from what I can tell. I wonder how you control the dir listing of the card tho? If you simply stick a few hundred .d64s on there the standard C64 dir command is gonna be pretty unusable and it doesnt seem to have any specific interface from what I can see. Would love a review when you get yours.

30-11-12, 04:42
I ended up canceling my order because I was worried about game comparability. Apparently it doesn't support fast loaders and I know some games have them built in so I figured I'd be in the same boat as I was with 64hdd. I think I might just seek out a working 1541 (I have 2 broken ones)

03-12-12, 06:38
Scored a working 1541 today but I don't recognize this weird red cord with the tape drive port adaptor is this a hack job of a fix or is this normal? Or maybe a mod?



I couldn't get a disk the first disk I tried to load until I plugged it in not sure if it was coincidence or not.

03-12-12, 12:58
I have seen a piggy back wire like that before but I just cannot recall what it was from or for, maybe it will come to me. 1541s are pretty repairable; doing a google search on "commodore 1541 troubleshooting repair guide" will find your many PDFs, books, and websites that are pretty complete. The faults that usually occur with this drive are pretty well understood after 30 years. For true compatibility I have found that making fresh disks with a 1541 connected to a PC and then running that 1541 with the C64 reduces allot of variables.

23-06-13, 05:02
I finally broke down and purchased some hardware to get the job done, This looks sweet. It's compatible with speed loaders and has a disk swap button and looks awesome to boot!



23-06-13, 06:58
Funny, I happen to be doing a HWFB on that soon. Are you leaving yours external or installing internally?

23-06-13, 09:59
Probably external since it looks so cool.

24-06-13, 11:00
Need to have you on STR Krynek just to talk about your C64! I added you to skype. Well at least I think I added the right person. Add me back and let me know a good time for you to record.