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18-08-11, 03:20
I was born in Cleveland in 1986, my earliest memories of my whole life are of playing Atari, Commodore 64, and NES. I actually started playing the commodore 64 before I went to kindergarden which is weird because you have to type in the load command but, I guess those commercials about a commodore being better for your kids education were true! I have many wonderful memories of playing games in the basement with my brothers, and my Dad. I can't explain it but video games make me think of when times were simple and innocent and fun. I can still remember when we went to buy the NES system, the christmas we got our Genesis, and when our Playstation 1 got kicked down the stiars on accident just like it was yesterday.

As I grew older I started playing PC games like Doom, Space Quest, Monkey Island, and Quake etc. at about age 12 I was very interesed in making my own video game so I learned Qbasic then, Vb4, VB6, VB.net then PHP, and now even C#. My love for video games caused me to learn alot about computers and has benefited my professional career more than I would have ever known. My dad started a computer store and at the age of 15 I was getting pulled out of highschool to go and set up computer networks for local stores and I even go to go to florida with my dad for part of the summer to set up Point of sales computer systems for a national restaraunt chain.

I just love playing all video games both retro and modern. One of my favorite things about video games is that I get to play them with my dad and my brothers and I dont't think things get much better than that.

I travel a lot for work now (as a electronic medical records trainer) so I am on the road all the time and Retro Gaming Roundup's podcasts help me get through the long weeks away from home as well as the Cinemassacre's Angry video game nerd.

I have owned many systems over the years and sometimes had to sell them because I was low on money or room to store them but I hope to rebuild my collection completely some day.

I am currently looking for a colecovision, Commodore 64, and any older apple/mac computers. I also have a website for general computer help videos that I create it's www.pcwhizkid.com