View Full Version : Super Mario 3D and Mario Kart 3D have real names now, and release dates.

28-07-11, 10:43
Ok, it was announced this morning that the real final names for these games are...

Super Mario 3D Land


Mario Kart 7

I'm not too sure why Nintendo has given a number to their Mario Kart sequel, the only time they did that was with Mario Kart 64, but that was for the N64, yeah that "let's put 64 to the end of everything" fad the N64 had when it released. As for Super Mario 3D Land, oh yeah! I like this, hehe, just because I loved Super Mario Land on my Game Boy when I was a kid. Hopefully they'll put some Chai Kingdom music in there, heh.

Super Mario 3D land will be released internationally in November, whilst Mario Kart 7 will be released in December internationally.

28-07-11, 02:00
Companies seem to have such a hard-on for Number 7... They will always name their previous products using goofy denominations, but as soon as they reach their seventh release, they scrap that idea and stamp it with a number.

28-02-12, 11:49
Pretty much completed 3D Land today and have 4 stars on my save file. To get 5 I now have to do every single level again as Luigi which doesn't really add much to the game to be honest and I have now had 3D Land overload, so I'm going to leave it alone for a while and maybe go back and do the Luigi levels in a year or so.

Incidentally I tried the DS game Mario 64 in the 3DS and with the analog stick it is now finally playable because the control options on the DS just didn't work out for me. Looking forward to playing through that soon.

29-02-12, 12:55
If you do the luigi thing you will also unlock the real final level (at least i think it didn't unlock till i did that) which is a right biatch of a level, but great at the same time

29-02-12, 01:58
Where does it appear on the map?

29-02-12, 03:25
ummmmm, i'm fairly sure i did one of the special world 8 levels last, then it put me at the special/normal world switch pipe but when i went through it I went to 8-crown rather than switching

29-02-12, 04:02
Well, when I completed my final level last night which was the special on world 8 it took me straight to the last castle in the normal world again but it was more difficult than the previous time. You only get the game complete star after redoing that more difficult level.

Is that the one you mean?

29-02-12, 05:33
no, when you've got gold flags, coins and all M and L symbols on the screen for every level in the game you can get to that other level which is a bit like all the special floating platform levels of Mario Sunshine and is a bit tricky

29-02-12, 08:06
OK, it will have to wait then. I've got gold flags, coins and M signs on all levels but I've had enough of it for now.

I'll do the Luigi ones in time.