View Full Version : Never Say Die

20-07-11, 06:37
Nope, not the last Sabbath album with Ozzy. An article about people using retro computers in this millenia. Really fun read. It's from 2000, but still pretty applicable since they're talking about 80s computers anyways:

I still have my 2c and Amiga 500 hooked up, but to be honest neither gets a ton of time. I'd probably use my Amiga more, but my 512k expansion board blew up earlier this year which really cuts down the number of games I can run.

20-07-11, 10:07
Nice! I wish I had space (and time!) to set up all my old micros, I'd be using them regularly for sure. Its always fun to see someone with a real power-C64 setup or similar max'd out with all the add-ons. Nice article :)