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19-07-11, 03:10
If you recall the glory days of BBSing, back before the internet, you know what it is all about. Today that same software can be set up to port through telnet so you can relive the great BBS days of txt files, door games, and ANSI graphics. We have been wanting to have a RGRUP BBS for a long time but we just don't have the time for another project. So we are seeking a SYSOP to step up. In short the job duties are create, promote, and maintain a RetroGaming Roundup BBS system over telnet. By no means do you need to be a coder, but the ability to work with DOS older software is a big plus, most of it is reading instructions and how to pages. The position is not a controlling interest, but the new SYSOP will be an official staff member, email, bio on the hosts page, can attend shows with us and represent the show etc. The SYSOP would also have a segment each month to update the listeners on new games, tournaments, and other developments on the BBS.

If your interested PM or email!

19-07-11, 03:32
Oh, I hope we can find someone to do this. This would be awesome!

19-07-11, 04:08
Good luck, guys. I ran a few BBSs in the 80s and would love to jump in again, but I have noooooooooo time for it. :-(

19-07-11, 05:06
Same here. I ran a pretty popular BBS for about 3 years, it was almost a full time job! Good luck finding someone with time to kill!

19-07-11, 01:24
Ill have to dig through my closet and see if I can find the pc that has my old wildcat bbs stuff on it. I certainly have the time for it.

19-07-11, 02:07
Step up one and all. I was a WWIV and PCBoard, but Wildcat was a powerplayer, Wildcat probably used the FOSSIL driver, easy to link.

19-07-11, 02:12
I can probably have something up and running this weekend, unless you have already found someone....even if you have I'm still gonna do it for shits and giggles! BBS times were goooood times.

19-07-11, 02:25
Keep your powder dry. Give us some time to sort through it all. And we thank you!

19-07-11, 02:42
This is pretty cool news. I never ran a BBS, but it was a lot of fun to browse the local ones on my Amiga back in the day, grabbing lots of shareware/freeware software. I'd definitely check out the RGR one.

21-07-11, 12:45
Step up one and all. I was a WWIV and PCBoard, but Wildcat was a powerplayer, Wildcat probably used the FOSSIL driver, easy to link.

First board I ran was a C64 package called FRPBBS. I also ran a CNET board. It was excellent. Later on I ran Telegard, WWIV, and probably a few other packages here and there. It was fun. Probably the best part for me was customizing the board to fit a theme. I think about all the hours I spent doing that and can't fathom the time to do it today.

21-07-11, 02:18
I ran one for years off of two Apple IIs (One was a Franklin Ace apple clone) and a corvus hard drive/ network box. The one I ran in Germany was on a 386 and later a 486 with a 18 disk CD changer which gave me massive storage. I used WWIV right up until the end when I was transitioning to PCBoard but I never did finish the transition since BBS's died within a few weeks of the area getting an ISP. I remember watching the usage going from 99% with seconds between a session ending an the next call to just a few calls a day. The Ramstein computer club had a BBS as well and I talked to the sysop over there and they had dropped to almost nothing as well. I think we both pulled the plug the same week.

21-07-11, 11:49
I started mine on a free copy of Wildcat BBS that came with a book. After a while I changed over to Remote Access and Frontdoor.

I spent quite a bit of time writing doors in turbo pascal using a shareware unit called urdoor (I think!)

Good times!

21-07-11, 01:12
Yeah I know, I turned the switch off like 18 years ago and haven't touched it since. Hard to recall many details.

22-07-11, 02:41
1. Can we run the door game Usuper?

2. Will there be an adult section with low quality porn jpg's compressed to hell and back?

22-07-11, 03:31
With this crowd, you can bet on it.

22-07-11, 04:59
I think that maybe it's because I started into BBSs when they were primarily customized message boards but I never, ever, ever got into any Door Games...

31-07-11, 05:40
I too ran a BBS back in the early 90's. Telegard and then Renegade. I had about 20 door games and at least that many message boards and file areas. As a coder, I wrote my own door game and utilities for the Renegade community. Good times. I still remember the thrill I would get when I would finally get through to my favorite board after dialing the number constantly. 20 years later I will still run into people that remember dialing into my board.

That said, once I went online, I quit calling the boards. I know there are still some boards running out there over Telnet, but other than the novelty of it, I really can't see going back to using one. I love all things retro, but I think the effort necessary to set up a BBS would be better spent setting up a Wiki or other collaborative site where we could all contribute to and build up together. Don't get me wrong, i think it would be totally cool, but i can't see people really using it like we all did back then. maybe I'm wrong.

Sysop of Electric Dreams BBS 1990-1994

02-08-11, 03:33
There are people still running and/or calling BBSs. I haven't dialed one in a long time but many boards are available via Telnet. It's hard to find one with ORIGINAL content, though. A lot of board these days hook themselves up to networks for message and install a ton of doors. There's nothing wrong with either of those things necessarily. The problem is that so many boards come out to be quite similar.

So, I'm all for a new BBS with original content. Yeah, the clientele may be limited, but that's okay!

Byte Knight
18-10-11, 05:03
Someone needs to do this! I just put an Uthernet card in my Apple IIgs and now it's hooked up to the Internet. I've found a few BBS's via Telnet, but this sounds really cool. I've even got some nude ASCII art I can upload!

18-10-11, 05:10
This position has been filled and details of the RGRU BBS will be forthcoming :)

Byte Knight
18-10-11, 02:21
This position has been filled and details of the RGRU BBS will be forthcoming :)
Sweet! I'm hoping it will have a file area, where we can upload & download old files, something like TextFiles.com but accessible via Telnet...