View Full Version : Huge fan from Milwaukee!

15-07-11, 01:34
Hey guys, I don't think I've introduced myself yet. I'm a game developer in Milwaukee, WI and I'm a huge fan of the show.
I've listened to every episode at least once and several of the console-based top tens MANY times. I absolutely love it and am always wanting more.
I added you guys in my top 7 favorite pod cast write-up if you care to take a look.


P.S. If you guys love Pabst so much, you should visit Milwaukee. Pabst is everywhere!

15-07-11, 02:17
Hey, thanks, cool writeup! WI came up in the show today, we had a listener in chat from there. My grandfather lived in Wisconsin from the end of WWII until his death and we used to visit there each summer. I also fly up there for the OshKosh airshow whenever I can, a really nice place, and I love the cool weather.

15-07-11, 06:27
Do you happen to work at Raven by any chance? I was a game dev for 12 years - 12 years too long! :-) Anyway - welcome to the forum! My work colleague is from WI (and my dentist, strangely enough!) - super cool, friendly people. Good to have you here!

15-07-11, 12:25
Welcome actionmouse! I grew up in Fond du Lac, not an hour away, and I was just up in Milwaukee a couple weeks ago for a funeral. Lots of family in the area.


16-07-11, 09:31
I've been hearing a lot about this PBR stuff, is it new? (kidding)