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14-07-11, 04:51
Hello everyone.
I guess it's my turn to get out of the woodwork.

I have been into classic computing since about 1980. During my high school years in Los Angeles (where I am from). We had a great community of people involved in the more infantile years of computing.

To SOCAL Mike..I can remember going to those swap meets back in the 80's and 90s, there was nothing like it and I found so many neat things there. I can understand the addiction totally. You never know what treasure is in someone's junk box. It was a time where you actually had to understand the computer and it was not yet an "appliance".

I can remember being on the Atari side of the "Atari Vs. Commodore" argument and regularly having to fight that war with other users that "inferior" system... :) and by the way...The music for M.U.L.E Rocks on the Atari Pokey version vs. the Sid...on the commode door.

I can also recall my buddy down the road in 1986 twisting the arm of his parents to get him a Hayes Smartmodem 1200 which cost $1200! We were all amazed at the speed since the rest of us were at 300 Baud! So many more memories, but then again there is only so much space.

Today I write this on a Mac Pro and it is amazing how things have evolved.

Presently I live on the East Coast (NE-PA) and am an Boeing 757/767 Captain for a major airline...so any of you pilots, speak up...

I still have Four Atari 8Bit Computers, an Atari 2600, An Atari 7800 and a Dreamcast along with lots of software for each.

It's still every bit of a great hobby and I'm glad there is a community here to share the fun.

14-07-11, 09:07
Welcome to the forums. Another pilot on the boards? Scott is going to go nuts.

Is this you? I was hoping you would show up.


14-07-11, 03:19
Yes, welcome to the forum madness! Great to have more people joining the forums and there has been a lot lately. Hope you stick around. Ya, the swaps are a major addiction. You never know what you will miss by skipping them so they draw you back every weekend :) I have found some crazy stuff over the years.

14-07-11, 06:53
It was great to get a reply from you guys. I really enjoy the show and it makes the drive from my house to Newark Airport a lot shorter as I listen through the backlog of shows.

And UK Mike..Most of my flying is out to the UK lately so I get to see some of the older electronics from the UK that you are talking about including a Prestel that I saw in Belfast!

SoCal...Back in the day I used to enjoy the Chino Swap along with one that I went to religiously in Rancho Cucamonga although that was more Ham Radio related stuff. The East coast is a bit barren but then again you never know what will turn up.

I'm working on my 1200XL right now a bit so it's time to get back to my soldering iron..

14-07-11, 10:25
It is good to have another pilot around here, do you fly outside of work? I mainly fly taildraggers, my current ride is a Citabria. I also build experimentals and I hope to soon have my AcroSport II biplane completed. Its tricked out pretty nice, glass cockpit, IO360 roller tappet, composite prop, etc. Cool to see you here in the forums.

18-08-11, 03:56
I love flea markets and swap meets too I'm addicted, but wish I had more room to store stuff. I really want to get another commodore 64 and check out the Atari 400 too, sometimes I feel like I should have been born earlier (I was born in 86 but I grew up on commodore 64 when I was young) I would have loved getting on the BBS sites but by the time I was old enough all I could really do was make sites on geocities.com and go on from there

18-08-11, 09:18
Damn, you missed the 80s. That sucks. LOL.

19-08-11, 06:05
Yeah, it sucks I wish I could have been there, oddly enough I prefer games,movies, consoles and cars from he 80's lol I did get to play in some arcades before they completely disappeared.