View Full Version : Join the RGRUP crew, there is a new "Job" opening for the blog

09-07-11, 02:59
We have been under utilizing our blog, and between the three of us we just don't have the time to actively run it. So were looking for someone to fill a new staff position as our blog crew member. In short the job duties are to update it with retro related news, news about the show, and pictures + news from the events we do. Original content and commentary is also welcomed. The position is not a controlling interest, but the new blogger will be an official staff member, email, bio on the hosts page, can attend shows with us and represent the show etc. and will be free to take on the mega sites. So, if you are interested in knowing more please ask, if you want to apply email us and tell us what you would do with the blog if it was yours.

19-07-11, 03:01
We have gotten some replies already. What we are going to do is wait until after the next show when we get some breathing room and sit down to decide. I assure you the hard part will be picking.

19-07-11, 09:01
Yeah, bear in mind that the next show (July) is now out, but I am on holiday after today and then we have EGC, after which we need to do the August show, so it may be towards the end of August when it gets done, but it will get done.

22-07-11, 03:43
If you want check out my blogs I have done at retroreviewrevolution.wordpress.com. If you like what you see I can write over here instead of there.