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06-07-11, 05:36
I've always been a fan of shmups. So when I saw the trailer for this game, I immediately picked it up on Steam.

It's called Jamestown, and it's a vertical shooter that plays homage to the bullet hell type of games that we all enjoyed in the arcades back in the day. Great graphics, unbelievably good music and a wacky, yet engaging story.

I couldn't put it down so I already finished it and played all of the bonus levels, it's not a long game unless you suck at these types of games :p.

Right now it's on sale, for less than $7 it's a steal. Fans of the genre should not think twice!

Here's a quicklook of the game: http://www.giantbomb.com/quick-look-jamestown/17-4400/




06-07-11, 05:53
I am suprised that I have not picked it up.

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06-07-11, 03:53
It's got a Metal Slug look and feel...