View Full Version : RoundUp 034 - Sushi In The Mall

09-06-11, 11:51
We keep SoCal propped up and awake as we cover day 2 of E3 in Wrap Up 3 Episode 34.



09-06-11, 04:42
I'm digging the daily updates. Keep it up guys.

09-06-11, 05:01
LOL, this is an easier format to produce than monthly behemoths.

11-06-11, 11:14
Let's play Spot the RGR crew! I will give you a hint it's around the 20 sec mark you can spot Socal Mike, Scott, and Steve Sawyer. In my new unofficial segment called Stalking the Retro. I just did a youtube search for E3 2011 retro gaming.


Yeah blame it on insomnia and Sunday boredom!

12-06-11, 12:33
I spy with my YouTube eye...

OH, and, YES! I am missing an iPhone.

15-06-11, 04:31
Waaaayyyyy too fast

18-06-11, 06:20
Keith Apicary's E3 2011 coverage is up on game trailers. See if you can spot the Retro gaming roundup poster! Also funny stuff as usual. Spin Dash! Assasins creed!

20-06-11, 05:44
Cool that you guys were at E3. While you were there I was at the NintendoAge Campout in Lebanon Tennesee. Both me and my friend Kyle shot lots of video. You can look at my stuff at www.youtube.com/sentinelcl and his stuff at www.youtube.com/p13r4t. Not sure if you wanna throw any of it in the show or not, but we got some good footage of some new Repro carts that will be made available at retrozone.com soon, as well as just had a great time in general.