View Full Version : RoundUp 33 - 3-Way On The Freeway

08-06-11, 10:59
Our second E3 wrap up show covering day 1 of E3.

Can our intrepid reporters keep up the pace?


Probably not.

08-06-11, 01:21
Great wrap up again. I bet this E3 adventure will cause an even bigger backlog of interviews. Here's a secret if you listen to the podcast and act fast you can win something totally awesome! I even opened a twitter account to stalk....uhm I mean secure myself a great prize. Hopefully not a restraining order for posting too many messages about how great RGR is. :P Was a little bit too excited when I heard what they were giving away.

09-06-11, 01:44
Great wrap up! Nice to know there's so much retro there.