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06-06-11, 11:56
Hey guys - seems like you still have a whole lot of interviews in the backlog. I've been waiting forever for the John Sohl interview. Would you by any chance be interested in having a poll to let the listeners vote for which one to use in a pending show?

07-06-11, 01:16
I've been thinking the same thing. It seems that although there has been a constant stream of interviews there doesn't seem to have been too many from CGE. Naturally when the opportunity to interview the likes of Ted Dabney pops up it makes total sense to build a thematic show around it and get that out as soon as possible.

08-06-11, 03:56
We will talk about a poll, we might just do that. Some CGE interviews are coming sooner than later!

08-06-11, 11:56
Cool - out of curiosity - who's left? You guys had a ton of interviews from CGE, but maybe you've gone through most of them already.

09-06-11, 05:21
Unfortunately I am posting from my phone here at E3, so digging back through the list is trouble, but it is a mix of CGE and other sources. And we have over a dozen more lined up.

09-06-11, 08:24
We have 6 left from CGE, one of which is the John Sohl interview you asked for.