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03-06-11, 07:03
I thought I read somewhere that the PS3 was region free, but I tried to play an import PS1 game and it gave me a distinct message that the region was not valid.

Is there a way to make the PS3 region free? Perhaps Indiseol will know?

04-06-11, 08:14
The way I understand it is that PS3 games are region free and not the PS3 itself. So Blu-ray/DVD/PS1/PS2 (for those lucky few) discs carry their region with them and need a came region PS3 to work on.

04-06-11, 04:47
Yes like Chalksalad said ps1 and ps2 discs since they were originally region locked remain region locked. I could tell you how to make a ps2 region free or a psp region free but as of right now ps1 discs on the ps3 are locked to their respective regions. This may change in the future as the PS3 modding scene has only just begun. Oddly you can play ps1 games on a psp and it doesn't matter what region or even pal and ntsc games....well that is if you hack it. (which is easy now) There is also a swap trick and or a mod-chip for the ps2 that will allow you to circumvent the region coding.

You can even play ps1 games on a computer based emulator.

I've been playing around recently with ps1 games on my psp and using a plugin to play them on my computer full screen and with an Xbox 360 controller. See I'm no Sony fan boy LOL! I discovered the gem that is Colony Wars Red Sun.

Do you have either a ps2 or a psp WongoJack? Do you mind playing the game on your computer? Send me a pm and I'll help sort it out for ya.

04-06-11, 05:05
I've used epsx on the PC to play PS1 games region free. I also have a swap disk set for both ps2 and ps1 - so I can manage. At some point I'll get into PSP modding and emulation, but I've got the Wiz for that right now. I was just kinda hoping that I could play PS1 stuff on my PS3 without any work - ho hum . . .