View Full Version : Portable Dreamcast to launch in Japan

30-05-11, 05:22
This is a post in UK Mag Computer and Video Games and says about a 3rd party launching a portable Dreamcast in Japan with photo evidence.


31-05-11, 03:07
Yeah I saw that It looks too expensive and cheaply made for the price. It's probably similar to the Tream Cast from a few years back....only more expensive.

31-05-11, 08:39
Id love to re visit Guts of Rage on the dreamcast but would this play Carts or CDs? Im very much out of the loop, these forums really open your eyes to new things in the gamingg world.

Gordon Bennett
03-06-11, 09:10
Based on the comparison photo, it's too small to fit a GD-ROM disc. I would guess that it will run disc images from an SD card or internal memory. I also don't see any space for the mini-screen or controls on the VMU. Which is a bit disappointing and does rather ruin the dream I had of lazily playing Shenmue in bed. And of plugging in the microphone and having a wee Seaman on the nightstand. I really am trying my best to not make this sound rude. I haven't even mentioned gaming on the toilet until now.

03-06-11, 10:28
I must have this.

11-06-11, 07:37
Cool, but will they really make any money with this?

20-06-11, 05:55
Interesting idea......not sure about the execution though. No VMU?