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25-05-11, 01:49
fun read for anyone that remembers the schoolyard debates, Whats better ZX Spectrum or Commodore 64 http://www.myreviewer.com/ZX_Spectrum_vs_Commodore_64_-_My_Computer_is_Better_Than_Yours/a142108

25-05-11, 02:53
Thanks, though I don't need to read it, I know the C64 was the better of the two.

25-05-11, 03:01
You might want to, he makes a pretty good case where the ZX comes off looking pretty good. Granted he does oversell it a bit but makes a valid point that it isn't a total landslide for the C64. The C64 was a much more sophisticated machine, and clock speed is not a sole factor between differing CPU designs, so it was technically better but the ZX had its good points.

26-05-11, 01:45
Thanks, though I don't need to read it, I know the C64 was the better of the two.

Isn't this statement treasonous where you're from?

26-05-11, 08:38
No, far from it. It's a fairly even split C64/Spectrum round here.

26-05-11, 10:37
That was an interesting article. I was always of the impression that the C64 was easily the superior machine, but they're a lot closer when you think about it. Of course I can't say I think very highly of either machine having not experienced them in their prime (I have always been a console guy).

27-05-11, 08:49
I think quite a few people followed a similar path to me. Getting the zxspectrum first and then later moving to the c64. But still adoring both systems. You know the score, you always want the new shiny thing :)
So a lot of love for both machine, but because a few people jumped ship from computer gaming after the zxspectrum without migrating to c64, I think more none gaming people still have fond memories of the zxspectrum. Also from memory the c64 was a lot more expensive in the early years, and it was difficult to convince parents to pay. The ZXspectrum was so cheap and a remarkable machine, got a lot of people into bedroom coding, that previously wouldn't have the resources to do so.
I had great fun with my commodore, although for me the zxspectrum had better single player experiences. But that could be just down to me playing certain games genres for the first time on it. The c64 was such a great social gaming machine, holy crap meeting at mates to play Summer Games on the c64 was something we did for one whole year during summer holidays.

05-06-11, 03:20
Living in the States the only "Sinclair" machine I was exposed to was the Timex 1000 and that, was ... well, anyway..

When I _first_ saw what I suppose would be typical Spectrum graphics I did not get it at all and put all the gushing opinions of it under pure nostalgia. Then I played some games and it's a damn nice platform. This guy makes a lot of good points and, he's right, you can't place one clearly above the other. Choose the right stuff and the ZX is a great machine. Choose the right stuff and the C64 is amazing.

Gordon Bennett
02-08-11, 06:20
There's never going to be a definitive answer to this one. The two giants of 8-bit computing will always be at loggerheads. I think that a lot of it depends on personal taste in graphics - whether or not a particular individual prefers the more colourful C64 or the higher resolution of most Spectrum games. Personally, I prefer the 64, for both the look and the brilliant SID audio, but I can certainly see the appeal of the Spectrum and would be lying if I didn't admit to having enjoyed many extraordinary games on it.

The CPC, on the other hand, I could personally live without. It's the colours. When used well they can look gorgeous, but in most cases they strike me as being far too bright and gaudy.