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13-05-11, 04:23
Any interest in discussing Interactive Fiction (aka Text Adventure) games? Dare I hope for a top 10 IF games some month? Or even restricted to a top 10 Infocom games?

Not really "video games" but definitely retro gaming. One of my favorite kinds of game. There is a very prolific IF community with a yearly contest to encourage new games, etc.

13-05-11, 07:12
We do have a work in progress text adventures somewhere.

13-05-11, 08:25
AWESOME! I'll (not so) patiently be waiting... :)

13-05-11, 10:46
I would consider them to be video games without question.

14-05-11, 01:27
+1 - they are absolutely video games, just a specific genre.

14-05-11, 08:58
I could name ten in a heart beat. This WAS my gateway drug both playing and writing!
Spider and Web
Leather Goddesses of Phobos
Colossal Cave
Mind Forever Voyaging
Lost Pig
Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It
NOT Zork (I guess but not personally a favourite)
ALL of the Scott Adams games, but Ghost Town especially
Plundered Hearts

Shadow of the Cathederal

23-05-11, 10:33
I used to love the old text adventures. Infocom produced the best, but did the US ever get any of the level 9 adventures? Level 9 was a UK company that released games on lots of platforms. Initially text only then moved into simple drawn images for each location. They had a pretty big catalogue and some great stories. Games like Lords of time, colossal adventure, red moon, return to eden etc. They were generally logical, good puzzles and good story. Some adventure games can get very frustrating when you just have to try every combination to find the one solution they want like putting the octopus down the toilet.