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09-05-11, 12:41
I've just had a stroll along my local seafront, it's a depressing place! However I did find some things of interest.

Mr B's has some pinball, and HappyDrome has a pinball and some old cabs. Details and pics to follow.

09-05-11, 05:42
Mr B's has : Ripley's believe it or not, Playboy, Monster Bash and Revenge from Mars.

They were all pretty worn out. The ball in Ripley's got stuck and the machine took a while to look for it before it dispensed another. Playboy had a faulty display so I couldn't see my score. The volume was also mega loud! I didn't try Monster Bash because that also had a faulty display.

Revenge from Mars was great! The podcast was the first time that I'd ever heard of Pinball 2000. I can imagine that when it was new it was absolutely amazing! I will be going back to play that.

HappyDrome had a worn out Addam's Family.




10-05-11, 12:06
Shame about Monster Bash as that's a class act too.
Glad there's still arcades at the seaside back in Blighty :)
We have great beaches but no Dens of Iniquity (sp?) LOL

10-05-11, 01:02
I am just processing a video of the wife playing Revenge from Mars. More to show the condition of the table than her skills!

After looking at a few YouTube videos I'd love to get my hands on one. Space and money stop that though :(

That didn't take long!


10-05-11, 03:59
That RFM looks beat, if you could tolerate that one you will love a good example. As for space, look around your place, I bet there is space. My neighbor's son who lives in his parent's basement was worrying about one game, I found space for 18. If you want to, upload pics of your space and I bet I can find room for a ton of games.

10-05-11, 11:18
All the machines were in a pretty bad state. Even the Addam's Family one that the arcade advertise outside! I'd never even heard of Pinball 2000 before the latest podcast, so anything is good!

11-05-11, 03:13
Mrs Tepic tells me we would have space, and she'd have no problem with having a machine in the house. It looks like my only real hurdle is money!

Revenge from Mars is only 3399! Maybe I should go for something a little more basic :)

There are some that are more in my potential price range, so I am giving it some serious thought.

11-05-11, 04:32
You could get a fixer upper much more cheaply on Jamma+.

A couple have come and gone recently on the pinball group too.

What do you have to spend and what do you want?

11-05-11, 10:47
You could get a fixer upper much more cheaply on Jamma+.

My DIY skills are next to none! I struggle to cut a piece of wood straight! I do however have a basic knowledge of electronics (GCSE) and I can usually solder without making bridges. If I got a machine any work beyond the basics would have to be paid for!

What do you have to spend and what do you want?

I'd love a Revenge from Mars! But that isn't going to happen. Watching videos and playing virtual games has attracted me to the older designs as a general rule, the ones I played in the arcades the other day were all a bit busy. It'd also have to be a family thing, so pretty simple for the kids to get the hang of.

As with everybody money is always an issue. I allow myself a fixed sum every month as personal toy money. Taking that into account I could go to a maximum of about 1000, if I saved. Half that would be ideal for me to dip my toe into a new obsession. I have a lot of expensive obsessions that fight for resources and time! The Mrs laughs at me, but as long as the bills are paid and food is in the cupboards she lets me have my fun.

I will play more virtual games and try to try some more real ones, then try to make a decision. But to be honest it'd just be something I could afford when I have the cash.