View Full Version : Will Microsoft ban my console for using a generic Hard Drive?

27-04-11, 02:33
Hi. I have a question.

I bought this Xbox 360 Phat a while ago, used, without a Hard Drive, I've been meaning to buy one and now that the slim version is out, the price for the original ones seems reasonable.

I've seen that the cheapest place to buy these is eBay, but they all say "This hard drive as all on eBay is not manufactured by Microsoft".

Do you guys know if my console would get banned for installing and using a generic hard drive?

27-04-11, 02:44
I'm no expert but I doubt that they would ban you for using a 3rd party hard drive. I'm pretty sure that is not how they look for pirates. Now if you were playing games before they came out...ie pirating them then the answer would be yes. As far as I know the pirates flash the DVD drive which allows the playing of copied games. You can play some xbla games on a hard drive if you have a Jtagged Xbox.

27-04-11, 02:53
Right, this has nothing to do with piracy. I just want to save a few bucks.

I'm aware MS bans consoles due to piracy and online cheating, but I don't know if they also do this for simply using generic/3rd Party stuff.

Now, what are you saying, would generic hard drives not even be recognized by a console that hasn't been modded?

28-04-11, 02:11
No I'm sure it would probably work it's just a 3rd party knockoff. I'm pretty sure they should work but you might google for an answer just in case. I know a guy on youtube that bought one and he said it worked fine.