View Full Version : Chuck E Cheese Opening - 1983

25-04-11, 06:12
About 2:30 into it, they start showing the games.


26-04-11, 12:22
Yes! I have very faded memories of the one time I got to go to a chuck cheese as a child. It was my mecca.

01-05-11, 06:35
I loved CEC and Showbiz. The only trouble I had with either is that by the time these places opened, I was too tall to get into the indoor amusement sections. So, I never got to go into the ball pit. :-( I can remember many a-party at either place.

Heh. I'm now reminded of a time when they had these speech synthesizer terminals at Showbiz, but it wouldn't say swear words. You could type in, "I am going to go take a big shit" and it would proclaim aloud, "I am going to go take a Billy Bob will not say that word."