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21-04-11, 10:25
You can stream all our episodes with our web player. Depending on your browser settings it will open full screen or in a small pop up.


22-04-11, 09:30
Nice one it works with my android browser so I will update the app and add it for those that want to stream the show while on the go. Hopefully someday more people on here will get an android phone and will get to enjoy my app.

Done and done it is now a part of the app! I tested it on my android phone and it streams flawlessly even when on a 3g connection! This is awesome guys no more having to download the show and waiting forever for it to be updated in the pod-catcher which for some reason is always slow to update even when set to auto update.

Link to the new version (also in the listener media section under Top ten soundboard app and of course on the main page under mobile apps.)


22-04-11, 10:59
Nice work.

I was talking to a guy about doing an iPhone app but he has a list of commissions to do first.

Podcatchers will always be slightly behind the site because I always upload it to our site before the rss feed, sometimes a day before.

22-04-11, 12:19
Thank you U.K. Mike wasn't nothin! I hope that the RGR podcast continues to grow and grow!

If you get an iphone app out that would be cool. With the Itunes store you might get more notice.

I guess the general populace is still sticking with the iphone even though it tracks your every movement and reports back to Steve Jobs. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110421/ap_on_hi_te/us_apple_iphone_tracking

Android however continues to grow and grow while the rest of the smartphone market is stagnate.

The cool thing about android is that even a non software developer like myself can create apps. It's really a hobbyist's dream. LOL Too many drinks tonight. ha ha.

25-04-11, 05:30
Sweet! Just got an Android phone and figured out how to install indieseouls RGR app. Glad to be able to stream the podcast on my phone, saves me some SD card space!

25-04-11, 07:42
Great!! at least there is one other user of my app! What android phone did you get?

25-04-11, 08:48
*I* use an Android Eris. And the only thing keeping me from streaming podcasts on it is the fact the battery life is utterly terrible. I have to charge the thing every day whether I use it or not. lol

So I use my old 5th generation 30GB iPod Video for podcasts. It's scratched to hell and back, but it still works like a charm. :P

Of course I have a 16GB SD card in there that's barely being used. But still.

25-04-11, 09:52
You should root your android and put a rom on it that underclocks it. But yeah I know what you mean smartphones are meant to be plugged in at night when you get home or at the office to top it up. Battery life hasn't caught up with old gen phones hopefully it will with the dual core phones and better battery technology. I stream with 3g because I live in a large city with great 3g coverage (except my house near the mountain where I use my wifi connection) That said 3g streaming uses much less power then wifi. Wifi is a battery killer. When I get home my battery is still around 50 percent if I don't play too many games or surf the net too much. Streaming isn't too bad but it does put a drain on the battery more then most other activities.

I have an HTC Desire which I have hacked and hacked to make it even more awesome.

25-04-11, 10:43
Something that may cause a problem that I noticed about the webplayer: The webplayer will not let your phone go to sleep. This is a potential problem if you plan on putting the phone in your pocket and listening to the stream. The best solution I have found is to use a music player app on your phone that can pull in webstreams. I use winamp a free music player ap for android. So if you have winamp or a similar music player that can pull in streams from the net here is the solution. On my app: 1. push the podcast stream button. 2. select download. (it won't download anything) you should see winamp as an option on your screen. 3 select winamp. 4 let the podcast begin playing and then you can push the power button putting your phone to sleep while still playing the stream.

This should help save battery as well as allow you to listen to RGR while the phone is in your pocket. I find that Winamp is the best because it allows you to easily fast forward or rewind the podcast lets say if you have already heard enough of U.K. droning on about his Kindle. LOL

Note good webcast streaming/music players will allow you to put the phone in sleep mode and keep the stream going whereas shitty ones won't.