View Full Version : Next week were interviewing Al Alcorn

21-04-11, 01:03
If you have any burning questions post them here and we will try to work them in!

21-04-11, 03:12
What can he update "The Book of Bushnell" with? :P

21-04-11, 04:33
Question 1: What was the working relationship like between himself Dabney and Bushnell?
Question 2: Is he still friends with either Dabney or Bushnell?
Question 3: Does he consider himself a "hacker" and what does he think about Apple and Sony suing hackers?
Question 4: Does he believe that the future of video games will begin to become innovative again like it was when he was in the business or will it continue to stagnate and produce clone after clone of Call of Duty and new remakes of classic games?
Question 5: What was the most interesting game he worked on and why?.... also which one was the most difficult to make?
Question 6: Does he think that mobile phone and web based games like on facebook will ever make consoles obsolete?

21-04-11, 05:13
Nice score Scott! Can't wait to hear this one!

21-04-11, 08:59
I'd love to hear if he has any additional thoughts on the Irate Gamer situation (him not even taking the time to get Alcorns name right, and other numerous facts wrong in the History of VideoGames series/travesty)

Also interested in his views on if the future of games sit with consoles, tablets, handhelds, PC, or whatnot, and if the future is in DLC or if we will continue to see games on media like discs or solid state.

22-04-11, 02:13
I'd like to hear as much as possible about creation of the VCS and any untold stories.

03-06-11, 12:45
Just finished listening to the first part of your interview with Al. Really great stuff. Can't wait until next episode. Keep it up guys.