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16-04-11, 09:42
Quite simply its best games are behind it (and always were)


According to GameRankings, the #2 game on the device is from the 90's and the #3 game is a repackaged game that is virtually unchanged since SNES.

The bright spots on the list are games like Elite Beat, Kirby's Canvas Curse, and The World Ends With You. Those games use the DS' strengths well, but the fact that only 6 games can muster abobe 90% is pathetic. The fact that most are games simply brought up to speed for the DS is even worse.

I own a DS, I have EBAgents, KCCurse, and TWEWY and they are nice games, but they are also quite old. There hasn't been a new game out for this system to rank highly in . . . . years.

The GP2x Wiz gets waaaay more playtime than the DS, and I don't see that changing.

This all makes me think that the 3DS is irrelevant. Produce some new good games and maybe I'll take a look and have an interest in 3D versions of your games from 1992.

07-05-11, 06:03
Bumping my DS Rage

07-05-11, 06:05
No love for Dragon Quest IX? That's a recent great DS game. The DS has been a JRPG refuge, but if that's not your genre then I can see your point.

07-05-11, 06:17
I can play like 1 or maybe 2 story driven RPG(s) a year and I just don't play that type of game on a hanheld very often. Although in 2008, I did play all the way through Dragon Quest 3 for GBC which was pretty great.

I haven't really played an RPG this year, but if when I do it will probably be something old . . . maybe Wasteland . . . Jade Empire . . . something else I already paid money for but never got into.

The Top Crusader
08-07-11, 04:12
I know what you mean, there are really just a handful of DS games I really like that are really NEW games... although it is fun to play some of the older games again. I did New Super Mario Bros. and a couple of others but I mostly use my DS to emulate old Game Boy and GBC games.

02-08-11, 03:31
I play the my DS Lite more than any current home or handheld console. I am a big JRPGs/Strategy fan and the system has a ton of good ones. If you dig through the back catalog the DS has some killer games. Plus, it's the best thing to play GBA games on. I would go so far to say that the DS Lite is my favorite handheld ever.

The DS game releases do seem to be cooling down. If you look at the game case at Wal-Mart or places like that the selection really sucks. Thor, Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation, Okamiden, Atari's Greatest Hits Vol. 2, and Pokemon Black/White came out this year, but I don't see any other games on the horizon that really stand out. Nintendo is too worried about keeping the 3DS afloat I guess.

It makes me sad that the DSLite is being discontinued to make way for things like Cameras, 3D, and DLC. I still have alot of games for it to track down and play though. Guess I can look forward to playing the good games I missed or have not got to.

02-08-11, 11:27
If you know what you were looking for, the DS has some fantastic games in it's back catalog. I think part of the problem with that whole ranking system is that some reviews will drop the game lower simply because of the game being on a handheld and the graphics "not being as good" than the best consoles. Sometimes the game you end up liking above all others turns out to be scored poorly. This is why I don't hold that site or even Metacritic in any sort of legitimate regard when wanting to play something. I see sites like that to be more in the line of trolling material.
"See! See! My game got .01 points better than that one you like! My game is better and your's stinks!"

One game series that I'm sure anyone who loves old school dungeon crawler RPGs would love on the DS is Etrian Odyssey. Can be really hard to find a copy because of it being released by Atlus. The 3rd one just came out last year. Only that one and the first got ratings on there, and the highest was around a 79%.

02-08-11, 11:54
No love for Contra 4?

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03-08-11, 01:44
I have yet to play Contra 4, and everyone's been saying to pick it up. Eventually I'll get to it.

03-08-11, 08:12
I have Contra 4 and it is awesome, but I suck so bad at it. I think I have only got to the 3rd or 4th stage on normal. Contra and Super C are unlockables, which I have not unlocked yet. I love that Contra 4 uses both screens as one, which only a few DS games use in actual game play. Thor does the same thing and is also made by WayForward, which also did Shantae and Batman: Brave and the Bold, all games I have yet to try.

Pre-ordered Etrian Odyssey 3 and got the art book, but have yet to even opened the game yet. It's on the games I need to play list.

I have been playing Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey on DS which is a great dungeon crawler, just with demon summoning computer programs instead of fantasy characters.