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12-04-11, 05:01
Greetings from Springfield, TN just North of Nashville.

Been listening to the podcast a few months now. Listened to about 15 casts so far. Some new some old. Took me a few shows to get use to, but now it's my favorite podcast.

Been playing video games since before I can remember. Parents have pictures of me playing with an Atari controller when I was about 1 year old.

My parents had a Colecovision at one point, but my first system was a NES. Never been one to sell or trade games, so I have most the games I have ever owned. I scourer the thrift stores and yard sales of Middle Tennessee for games and hardware to add to my collection. Recently bought a Colecovision with the 2600 expansion module and purchased a bunch of Atari games. Looking to add more retro systems soon.

On the home arcade front, I have an old Arachnid dart machine that use to be in a bar my grandfather ran. Recently bought an old pachinko machine from an antique shop I am going to restore. Do not own any arcade machines, but would love to.

Looking forward to interacting with like minded people!

12-04-11, 05:22
Well as Ted Nugent would say, your surrounded by that Nashville pussy. And you actually live in a hotbed of arcade activity. Auctiongamesales.com (http://www.auctiongamesales.com/AUCTIONDATES.htm)is located near you and many auctions are in the TN, NC area as well. Welcome to the show.

12-04-11, 03:29
Thanks for the welcome.

Yeah I visited the Auctiongamesales site a few weeks ago, and plan to go to one of their Kingsport, TN auctions in the near future. It's about a five hour drive and I will have to get someone to loan me a truck, but it will be worth it if I get a cool cab.

22-05-11, 03:08
Welcome to the forums Dragoon. Hope you stick around and glad you are enjoying our little show :)