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12-04-11, 02:08
Hey guys I have a suggestion! I'm not criticizing your podcast is amazing I am only suggesting this because of my ADD.

When you talk about a game, arcade, anything in length it would be cool if you mentioned the name of the product/game/arcade system/everything again at the end of your spiel. I find myself often not paying attention to the introduction as intently, and then after getting the meaty description I realize I really wanna know what you were talking about but I have to rewind to find out what your were talking about. The iphone/ipod is not very precise with the seek so I end up having to listen to a huge chunk of stuff again to get the info.

tell me to f off if you want.



12-04-11, 08:39
Hi Thomas,

F Off! ;)

Did you get your name from the Odd Thomas books? I just read them.

Anyway, I think I always try and do that but maybe not.

13-04-11, 01:37

I don't think it's ever happened in your segments.

As far as my name I was working on a nerd rap album about 5 years ago. My hip hop name was oddword I made it up thinking it was a combination of the words odd and awkward. I thought it was more hip hop to be oddword rather than oddward.

If you want to hear some of the tracks I had for the lp go here:


It never got finished.