View Full Version : Electronic Agony

31-03-11, 07:07
If you have a spare 20 mins to kill, this is hilarious! Its some dude playing through an old C64 game called China Miner. if you are unfamiliar with this game its a platformer in the vein of Manic Miner, from the early 80s by Interceptor Micros (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interceptor_Micros), a British games company. I bought this game (or probably my parents did!) back in the day and I still have it, for some reason I remember enjoying it a great deal but this video makes me start to wonder if my memory is what it used to be!

A pretty fun look at how plain brutal games were back in the early days of home micro gaming!


Strangely, only part 5 seems to be available on google videos at present, but its enough to get the point :)