View Full Version : Golden Axe Warrior on the ps3

31-03-11, 01:44
Only found this out last night but if you own sega genesis collection on the ps3/xbox 360 you can unluck golden axe warrior by using the magic potion 10 times on the golden axe 3 game.

Owners of this compilation now have no excuse to go back and play one of the most underrated adventure rpg games of all time!

31-03-11, 03:15
Hell, that's common knowledge. :P That's one of the first things I unlocked. lol

Going through the Extras menu or whatever (can't find my goddamn disc ... grrr) it tells you all the stuff you need to unlock.

Well, okay, it's common knowledge to anyone who reads about the collection or owns it because everyone names off those SMS games. And achievement whores find out real quick, because all but 1 of the achievements and 2 of the trophies are almost literally handed to you.