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30-03-11, 12:25
So now that some of you have logged some playtime with your 3DS what are your thoughts? Does the 3D work? Battery life? Launch games.

For me I am really loving my 3DS. I think it will break new ground for new types of games that will integrate 3D into more of the gameplace features, than simply just showing games in 3D. I also watched the 3DS Union Square Best Buy midnight opening which Regie Fills Amie spoke and he said that there would be lots of classic games being made available to play in 3D and that has me very excited.

I think launch titles were decent. Something for everyone, well most everyone (Scott :) ). I picked up five titles and have been playing Steel Diver and SSF the most. Followed by Pilot Wings, Puzzle Bobble and Samarui Warrior. Very impressed with the 3D affects on all those games and think it does add to the game play value. Damn it still amazes me to see what I am seeing!

30-03-11, 01:07
The 3DS has been a real winner for me in proving that the technology has arrived, that can be seen even in the titles I am not excited about. I did buy Steel Diver and Pilot Wings to have something to play until the good titles come along and then I will likely put them on Gamegavel, I just don't see them as keepers. But as great as this system is Nintendo and partners will have to work hard to screw it up, I see myself buying allot of games for this system down the road.

AR is the hidden gem in this system, they should push it much harder. It will be a crime if these built in games are the only ones they make because the potential for some amazing AR games is there. I have been playing more AR than cart games. If nothing else once this system gets hacked I could see some insanely good AR games coming from the homebrew world.

Which brings me to my last thought. In the manual and statements Nintendo has announced that they plan to brick DS's with any mods. The 3DS reportedly works with Ds mod cards for DS games, but I hesitate to put one in it less they do an update while it is on my desk and brick my system I just bought from them. That is pretty aggressive and isn't making me fond of Nintendo. I am already annoyed that I had to go get a case for this thing just to carry around the 2 games with the unit, I hate carting around anything but the unit and I miss the one thing in the pocket convenience of my DS with the mod card. I hope they crack this thing soon and figure out a brick blocker. The biggest worry is that this will stifle homebrew. If Nintendo decides to leave AR games as is and don't make any more a mod card would allow homebrew to create all manner of amazing AR games, and if Nintendo's brick your unit protection goes unbroken that can't happen. I don't mind companies trying to bloc mods from working, but to brick a unit that someone bought is crossing the line.

31-03-11, 11:08
I'm wondering if the threat of bricking is a scare tactic to keep people from downloading/stealing games instead of buying them. Nintendo has had a firm stand against ROMs for years, and with Sony's recent legal business and putting the hammer down on hackers, they probably thought that they could use that warning as a solution.

Until we have out first confirmation of bricking due to unlicensed software/hardware in the system, it could just be a big security bubble with no camera inside.

01-04-11, 12:20
Could be, but it has been done before. Back in the mid 2000s Direct Tv was getting hacked pretty good with reprogrammed access cards and even PC based emulators that pretended to be the card. Some solutions were up for months at a time in between updates that would set people back a few hours to days. Then black Monday hit when they found a way to loop the cards and essentially brick them. It took months to figure out that the card could be unlooped by altering the clock and input voltage rapidly under computer control. Then they rolled out their new card which has been nearly bulletproof. So it is possible but Nintendo could be stepping up their countermeasures.

25-04-11, 03:03
This is a long video but it's worth it to watch these two nuts pretend to be excited about a portable gaming console that they obviously know nothing about. Listen for the ridiculous buzzwords that they keep repeating over and over and over. Not to mention the price gouging! I love how they explain how your eyeballs see 3d. Classic Home shopping network! Flex pay is the future! LOL