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27-03-11, 04:32
The new wwe all stars game is out soon!

Has anybody downloaded the demo yet? If so whats your opinion?

I pre ordered the game when it was announced based on the principle that its going to take the series in a new direction away from smackdown vs raw, which is about time.

I get my copy on the 1st april.

27-03-11, 04:42
I have the demo and my impression is that I'm psyched for this game! My favorite wrestling games have always been the wcw/nwo revenge, No Mercy, and Wrestlemania 2000-type games. Good arcade wrestling titles. WWE All-Stars finally brings us back to that, with a lot of fan service for those of us who remember all the "legends". I'm not really into wrestling anymore, but I'm on board with this game.

28-03-11, 03:06
I'm not a wresting fan at all these days but for some reason I've always dug wrestling games. This is going back all the way to when I used to walk to the local bowling alley arcade with $5 to burn on Exciting Hour (aka Mat Mania) so I could beat the piss out of the Insane Warrior (or "Worrier" as the game would have it). I can't count the number of hours I spent playing Pro Wrestling on NES as well as others like WCW Wrestling.

In 1989 or so, WWF Superstars usurped Exciting Hour for me as the ultimate arcade wrestling experience. I still play it on MAME often.

I hadn't played any good wrestling games since the PS1 days when recently I picked up one of the Smackdown vs. Raw games in a bargain bin for a few bucks. I think this game is great--there's just something about professional wrestling that makes for a good video game, even if you don't watch professional wrestling.

If this new one is good I'll probably check it out.

28-03-11, 08:49
Good comments guys. Im dissapointed a wwf no mercy remake hasnt been done for the ds, its control style would suit the handheld perfectly and make it unique to the ds as a fresh change.