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25-03-11, 08:21
Was listening to the most recent round up and someone made mention of a Commodore 64 themed show in the past. I guess I missed this show - which one is it? I think in the podcast they said December (2010?), but that one doesn't seem particularly 64-y

26-03-11, 01:58
Yes, we did a show where the C64 Christmas special was the HWFB, it is one of my favorites. Let me see if I can find the right show link and post it here, give me a few.

Here you go.; http://www.retrogamingroundup.com/shownotes/2009/roundup012_2009.12.htm

26-03-11, 10:46
I’d like more C64 suff to be honest. I was very much in the Spectrum camp when I was at school. I know of 100s good spectrum games but not that many on the C64. If I do fire up a C64 emulator I end up playing games that originated on the spectrum, e.g. Manic Miner or Jet Set Willy.

I’d be good to get even more coverage of the games that made the C64 great. I’d even venture that “The games that made the <some system> great” would be a good new segment for the show.

27-03-11, 03:14
I’d even venture that “The games that made the <some system> great” would be a good new segment for the show.

That sounds like an excellent idea to me. Especially for a system like the 64 which just had soooo many games on it. Could be a bit more informative than a top 10.

I'll also echo the request for more 64 stuff in general.

06-04-11, 10:09
Listened to the HWFB for show #12 - awesome stuff. The SID tunes almost make me tear up!

09-04-11, 06:24
I kept listening to show #12 - enjoyed the Bruce Lee review, but I've gotta say that the Pac Man Christmas album might be the absolute worst thing I've ever heard. I had to share it with a friend because I couldn't explain its terribleness with words . . .

If you are curious, 7 minutes of your life you will always regret start here: Pacman Christmas Album Part 2 - (103:49)

11-04-11, 01:21
Perhaps you have already heard of it but just in case there is a nice three part episode about the commodore 64 from the retrobits podcast. If I remember correctly its more technical and not about commodore 64 games but I think that you would still enjoy it.


15-04-11, 05:25
Went back and listened to show 132