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23-03-11, 04:58
Hey guys,

Just picked this gem up today and played through the first level. I am pretty excited about this one!!


27-03-11, 04:30
You will love it if you like the old nes/snes zelda days. Its an awsome title, cannot fault it!

28-03-11, 12:17
It's a really great game.
I've been trying to get as many trophies as I can in it. I'm currently in the last level of the game.

09-05-11, 12:24
So I finally picked up a copy and for the most part I love it. It is a great mashup of Zelda and Dragon Warrior. The levels have a very Zelda 1 feel, the monsters are straight out of Dragon Warrior and Zelda 1, yet the game perfectly brings the 8 Bit RPG into the modern era. The PS3 presents it brilliantly, this is exactly the sort of game that I had been waiting for on the modern systems and I would grab any similar title. The funny thing is that it is not about the game being retro or familiar so much as I thought, the game really stands alone as a great modern RPG and the homage to the 8 bit era is the visual icing on the cake. What this game verifies to me is that I like the classics because of the substance of the gameplay rather than from pure nostalgia.

The one problem I encountered though was very annoying. On the first dungeon about 3/4 of the way in my character suddenly lost the ability to push blocks which effectively ended the game. I had to delete the save states and restart, fortunately the problem did not happen again.

If you liked RPGs from the 8-16 bit era I would strongly suggest this one.

26-05-11, 03:17
its a very good game, but the jokes were a little much. a game like this without the over-the-top retro silliness would be great fun to play.