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21-03-11, 06:13
I'm picking up a couple of these for pretty cheap (well, compared to eBay prices), Donkey Kong and Pac-Man. They got really cool, crisp, VFD displays (think the old Tiger LCD games, but lit and in full color). Spent 55 bucks shipped for these two machines, a Donkey Kong Jenga game, and the old DK plush from the 80s (you may have seen the DK plush in Pat the NES Punk videos, and the mini arcade machines have been in the background on AVGNs videos.)

Anyhow, I'm tempted to collect all of these. There's only 7 floating around out there, the Donkey Kong and Pac-Man I'll be getting, than Ms. Pac-Man (most expensive of the bunch), Donkey Kong Junior, Frogger, Galaxian, and Zaxxon. I won't buy em up on eBay immediately, but I'll be keeping my eyes open at the flea market, thrift stores, and GameGavel to see if more come up. I'd love to hear a feature on these, they remind me of the Tomy Games feature Mike did a while back (and because of that feature I own one of those Tomy games now!)

I find myself really wanting Frogger (seems the gameplay would be perfect for a setup of this type) and Zaxxon (cause that version uses a mirror setup I'm interested in seeint).

21-03-11, 10:32
I have the Pac-Man game from my youth. Nice game, but you can easily find a pattern and play infinitely. I had friends that had DK and Frogger which were also a lot of fun back then. Good luck on your hunt!

21-03-11, 12:09
I bought the set that Spencers was selling maybe 4 or 5 years ago, the screens were brilliant and the build quality was on par with the ones from the day. I give them a thumbs up.

21-03-11, 03:41
Thanks for the extra info guys, I never knew they re-released these things recently.

22-03-11, 12:37
I had a Goog and found this original listed - $Phew$


22-03-11, 01:42
The Galaxian is my favorite, great artwork too.

22-03-11, 02:15
I had a Goog and found this original listed - $Phew$


Yeesh, I once saw a Pac-Man listed for $250 and I though that was ridiculous...

22-03-11, 06:00
Really cool looking things - I'd love the set :)

22-03-11, 03:05
I can't beleive they are remotely worth a 250-1000 range, those are just people looking to find an idiot. I'm OK with paying roughly 20 apiece for the two I'm getting.

12-04-11, 06:05
I have one of the Frogger games. It still works great, but cosmetically it is in bad shape. Cracked casing. Discolored and torn decals. We were not gently with this machine when I was young. I had it up in my tree fort for the longest time. Even when the batteries were dead we would play with it and pretend it was some kind of instrument panel to a ship or something. Here is some game play footage I took.

Coleco Sega Frogger Mini-Cab Gameplay (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-TNoaGJY8E)