View Full Version : Pre-ordered 3DS today

18-03-11, 10:00
Well, was in GS to pick up Atari Greatest Hits Vol 2 and ended up pre-ordering the 3DS. So looks like I won't be standing out in line night before. Can't wait to get this thing. Also saw that Williams Pinball Classics is going to be released pretty soon for it too. That might be really cool to see these tables in 3D :) This thing is going to be great!

18-03-11, 10:44
Cool, definitely looking forward to your hands-on review. Based on the top 10s I think I have a pretty similar taste in games as you, so your opinion would mean more to me than some random magazine/website review.

19-03-11, 12:13
I want one, but I think I'll wait on a price drop.

19-03-11, 03:45
I just paid off my 3DS yesterday. Pilotwings and Steel Diver will be my launch day games. As soon as I get my code, I'd love to exchange with you guys.