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18-03-11, 09:23
Hello all!

I'm Mike from the Netherlands. I've been a listener for about a year I guess, and listened to every episode including the archived ones. Recently I submitted something for the news section and joined the live UStream, so it's about time I registered to the forums, in addition to reading them.

Because of my location I've never been to the arcades much. Listening to your show makes me feel I missed out on something great even more. I remember Operation Wolf at the travelling carnival, and me and my friends went to an arcade at the other side of the country a couple of times during the Daytona USA / Virtua Cop era (I was born in '81). Played some pinball at the local cafeteria/snack bar, and one at a friend's house, but I can't remember which ones. I regret not playing more now, because today I can't find any: they're all replaced by slot- and touch machines it seems.

I do remember playing Commando on the C64 at my uncle's place, and some educational things on the MSX. A friend had a 2600, he said it was old and boring, so we never played it back then: I now own one myself fortunately. That same friend had a Tandy computer, I remember playing some porn related game - that's all I remember about the Tandy!

The first computer I owned myself was a Sinclair QL. My dad brought it home one day from a enthousiastic friend, a member of the Dutch QL club and such. I had an orange/black screen and played 'The Lost Pharao', 'Pengi' based on Pengo, 'Jungle Eddi' and 'Hyperdrive' which looked a bit like Pole Position. A friend's father had a 286 PC, and we played things like Leisure Suit Larry on that. I learned how to write the English word 'church' from that game, 'cause you had to type in the location you wanted to go in the taxi, and we looked it up in the dictionary. I like the type and point-and-click adventures a lot.

Then I got an NES, with zapper, for Christmas. I often read that the Master System was very popular in Europe (and I suppose it was) but not where I lived! Every friend had an NES and I borrowed and played a lot of games in those days. I eventually sold my NES to buy a single or double speed CDROM player, which were expensive in those early days. Today, I again own an NES and most of the games I had (like Solar Jetman).

A friend of mine got a Mega Drive, because his parents adopted a little brother (I really don't know what the reasoning behind this was). Another friend was Nintendo fan, so that's where I played SNES and later N64, and the first couple of GameBoy handhelds. I got a Playstation for Christmas and bought myself some newer systems, which are not interesting on a Retroforum.

I'm interested in new games, but perhaps even more in retro games. Through the years I've bought some old consoles and games, and for some reason I like the Atari 7800 a lot. The ColecoVision and Intellivision are high on my list, but they don't turn up much in my country on online marketplaces.

That's enough introduction I think. Usually I'm more of a reader that a poster, but we'll see. Cheers!

18-03-11, 09:36
And let me be first to say "Welcome!!!" :-)

18-03-11, 09:46
Sweet dude, I wanna come visit your house!