View Full Version : DS Atari Greatest Hits Volume 2

18-03-11, 12:48
A much better lineup - and Major Havoc - worth the asking price for that game alone!


Gordon Bennett
18-03-11, 07:43
Red Baron as well! This looks like it will be very nice! That is, assuming that they haven't locked some games behind a list of achievements needed in other games. That absolutely kills some collections for me. I want to play the games that I enjoy, not play the ones that I don't like repeatedly until I'm allowed to play the games that I bought the collection for. Particularly when the box and advertisements don't tell us about that in advance.

Does anyone know if this has locked games?

18-03-11, 05:39
LOL! Yeah that would suck!!! I'm gonna pick this up, its better than the first one with the bonus of Yars too.

18-03-11, 07:40
They didn't have any locked in the the first go around so doubt it will happen here. I am trying to find it today so can let you know if I find one.

18-03-11, 08:22
Gamestop has this game for $14.99.

18-03-11, 09:51
Gamestop has this game for $14.99.

I just picked up a "new" copy their for $19.99. Last one they had. Playing it now :) Also, comes with an Atari 400 Emulator.

18-03-11, 10:06
I may go check out our gamestop at the weekend. What is the relevance of the 400 emulator Mike? Can you attach any games to it or is it purely an "oddity"?

19-03-11, 03:23
Ok. Spent some time with Atari Vol 2 and it rocks! I like this better than the first one, mainly due to some of the paddle games which play great with the stylus. Warlords is perfect and can be played with other DS's with one game card. Also, playing Crystal Castles and controlling Bently with the Stylus is awesome! Works as good as a track ball. Still working my way through all the games but have to say this is an exceptional package. The Atari 400 Emu is just that an EMU. It features a convincing looking atari 400 keyboard on the bottom screen and blue Atari 400 boot screen with curser on the top screen. You can write and save your programs and run them :) Cool. Lots of extras in the ways of interview with Nolan and others. Arcade gallery. All instruction books for the 2600 games. And all this for $14-$20. Bargain! Atari really took care with both of these releases and you should all own them!

Get ready for 4-Player Warlords throwdown during ECG in August :)

21-03-11, 05:35
Thanks for the review SoCal.. yeah I was looking forward to the paddle games too, time to go hunt out a copy.