View Full Version : C64 cartridge "shells"?

15-03-11, 05:45
Does anyone happen to know anywhere selling C64 cartridge shells (the empty plastic cases you can fit a C64 cart PCB inside) in the USA? I can only seem to find them in Europe and was hoping for somewhere a little closer to home.


16-03-11, 04:13
I have not see any US sources, I bought mine from Germany. Other than that, I would suggest buying who cares carts and gutting them.

16-03-11, 11:28
Yeah I did think about taking something apart as a last resort. I like the new models from Protovision with the screw rather than snap together design. I just need something to protect my beloved MMC-Replay :)

How easy are C64 cart shells to pull apart and re-connect?