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12-03-11, 06:04
Hi there

I'm looking to locate fellow New Zealand members to assist me to help put together a list of the publically playable tables in NZ.

I'm currently located in CHCH - But I'll be moving up to AKLD shortly (and personally very interested in what's available to play there)

Looking to start with the bigger towns and cities - so AKLD, WGTN & CHCH to start..But if you know of any othe locations don't hesitate to shout out

Below is a very rough list - I've updated/confirmed where I can (Indicated by '*').
Please feel free to correct or add anything helpful.

Any help gratefully received.

Andy (HOW / PiNZ)

*Ponsonby Pool Hall - 106 Ponsonby Road - The Getaway
*Extreme Indoor Karts - 82B Kerwyn Ave, East Tamaki - Wipe Out
Airport-Domestic - Twilight Zone
Airport-Time Zone - Revenge From Mars
Airport-International Departures - Spiderman
Airport Oaks - Toby Jug Inn - World Cup Soccer
Burger King - Big Buck Pro Hunter , Medieval Madness
DOC Bar - K Rd - Addams Family
Food Alley - Albert St - Lethal Weapon 3 , Last Action Hero
Fat Camel - Fort St - Indiana Jones , Star Trek TNG
Halleluyah Cafe - St Kevins Arcade - Twilight Zone
Hell Pizza Symonds St - Indy 500
Kings Arms - Dr Who , Fish Tales
Movie Theatres Time Zone - Star Wars Episode 1
Sputnik - Elvis
University - Shadows Bar - Circus Voltaire
Rec Centre - Viper
Viaduct Basin - Johnny Mnemonic & Cue Ball Wizard
Video Source - High St - LW3
East Tamaki - Extreme Carts - Wipeout
Glenfield - Mavericks - Maverick
Time Zone - Lord of The Rings
Henderson - Lincoln Rd Hell Pizza - Dracula
Howick - Shiraz Bar Meadowlands - Simpson's Pinball Party
Kingsland - Handmade Burgers - Iron Man , Family Guy
Mt Albert - Hell Pizza - Twilight Zone
Mt Wellington - Extreme Rock Climbing - Indiana Jones
Megazone - Tales of the Arabian Nights
Papakura - Hells Pizza - Addams Family, Roadshow
Papatoetoe - Hunters Plaza - Dirty Harry
Ponsonby - Ponsonby Pool Hall - Creature From The Black Lagoon
Pukekohe - Hell Pizza - No Fear
Sylvia Park - Time Zone - Lord of the Rings
Takapuna - Bowling Alley - Indiana Jones
Albany - Hell Pizza - Medieval Madness , Theatre Of Magic, Event Cinemas - Westfield Mall - Lord Of the Rings
Avondale - Paradise Ice Skating Rink - Addams Family
Balmoral - Bilbo's - Creature From the Black Lagoon
Botany - Extreme - StarWars Trilogy
Matakana - Rusty Pelican Restaurant and Tavern - Rocky & Bulwinkle
Botany?/Avondale? - Paradise Ice Skating Rink - Party Zone

Courtenay Pl - Medieval Madness , No Fear
Cuba St - Midnight Expresso - Twilight Zone
TIMEZONE WGTN REMOVED (Thanks to 'stupidlikeafox'/NZGamer)
Newtown Sports Bar - Revenge From Mars
Tatum Park - Fish Tales

*Sandridge Motel - 30 Huxley Street, Sydenham - Jack Bot
*Bedrock Bar - 291 Lincoln Road, Addington - Party Zone
*Spoon Cafe - 47 Carters Road, Amberley - World Cup Soccer
*Manfood - 208 Main South Road, Hornby - Not confirmed - but most likely Flinstones
*Maryland Food Bar, 733 Main South Road, Templeton - Royal Rumble
*Governors Bay Hotel, 52 Main Road, Governors Bay - Revenge From Mars
*Timezone - Moorhouse Ave - Avatar
Airport - Ripley's Belive it or Not
Aldwins Rd - Linwood Fast Foods - World Cup Soccer
Curries Rd - Hillsborough Tavern - Tales Of The Arabian Nights
Dress Smart Hornby - Star Wars
Ferry Rd - Hells Pizza - South Park
Hoon Hay - Corner Bar - Addams Family
Lincoln Rd - The Bedrock Bar - Flintstones
Northlands - Time Zone - Family Guy
Riccarton - Hells Pizza - Batman
Hoyts Theatre - Fish Tales
Rotherham St - Time Zone - Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull
Sydenham RLC - No Fear
Temps Bar - Elvis
Warrington St - Hells Pizza - Spiderman
*C1 Espresso - 150 High Street, Christchurch - Star Wars Episode 1, The Addams Family, Doctor Who
*Funk 'n' Fish 'n' Chips - 163 Manchester Street, Christchurch - Twilight Zone, South Park, Family Guy
*Timezone - Columbo St - Iron Man

*Golden King, 223 Main South Rd, Green Island - Red & Ted's Road Show (Thanks to 'Syn-Ryn'/NZGamer)
Hillside Rd Takeaways - Star Wars

Bierhouse Taur - Junkyard
Casino - Hit The Deck - Sharkeys Shootout
Time Zone - Elvis , Gilligan's Island

Pub - Fish Tales
Motor Camp - Diner , Terminator 2 , Dr Dude , Swords of Fury , Klondyke

Bus Depot - Star Trek TNG
Hell Pizza - Taonui St - Addams Family

Skyline - UltraPin

19-03-11, 07:34
I'm not sure if there ARE any othe NZ listeners.....?
Scott has kindly offered to do a shoutout on the next show - So I HOPE to get some input :)

19-03-11, 01:07
We made it a point to mention it in the news we did on Thursday.

29-03-11, 10:49
Cool-thanks guys :)
Not got to News yet-but enjoying the show.
Just relocated from Christchurch to Auckland.
Have a few updates and will check some locations around here-on phone at mo though.
Played my first game in my new city though....TZ at Airport :)

08-04-11, 11:57
Cheers for the mention. Looking like not many NZ listeners.
I'll see what I can do about that for you by spamming a few forums down here :)

I am now in Auckland - So far managed to play a TZ, MM and new Stern Big Buck Hunter Pro