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02-03-11, 01:37
Check out and discuss our review for Bulletstorm here:

02-03-11, 04:02
Was the PC version worth it or would I be better picking up a console version? From other places, I thought I had heard the PC version was buggy. I am going to wait until it hits the bargain bin . Would rather pick up Gears of War 3 from Epic.

02-03-11, 04:36
It wouldn't surprise me if the PC version came out buggy. Anymore they seem to make games for the consoles then just port them to the PC. I'm debating on whether or not I'm gonna pick this game up tonight or just wait till next week when I'm a little better financially. heh

Between the two on day one, Killzone 3 won out. :)

02-03-11, 04:51
Post the question after the review and Steve should respond. He has the 360 version as well.