View Full Version : Thoughts on Touchmaster 4000?

27-02-11, 06:32
Well, I may be picking up a Touchmaster 4000 for super cheap (yes, this will delay repairing my other 2 cabs). I remember an interview on the show with a guy who worked on the software for them (think he may also be here on the forums?) and that one of the hosts has a Touchmaster (dunno which model). I think the 4000 might be an old model, as I have seen references to a TM 8000 online. I haven't found much through a basic google search, and Wikipedia just brings up a DS game. So....any thoughts on the touchmaster in general, and the 4000 specifically? I assume 50 bucks is a steal?

27-02-11, 06:45
If you really want a touchscreen, like for a home bar, and you plan on it getting some play I would go for a Touchmaster Infinity or a midrange Megatouch. Those would have allot more games, they are mostly hard drive based where as this uses ROM chips with 30 something games. But if you just want to check a touch screen out and have a few bucks burning a hole in your pocket go for it. $50 isn't terrible, not a steal but your not getting robbed. The guy your thinking of is Vince Dickenson known as Bydoempire73 here.

27-02-11, 06:52
Gotcha. I've actually only seen one in person once, and was on a tight schedule so I could only check it out for a few minutes. I remembered the name from the show, and thats the main reason why I shot the guy an email once I saw it. I might still pick it up just to round out my small collection right now, and re-sell it once I find an Infinity if I like the smaller one.

Kinda sad when I see something you guys mention on the show and I'm all like "ooh, gotta look closer!" LOL

08-03-11, 10:04
I think $50 is a steal - the "thousand" series Touchmasters have some games that never made it to the Infinity series (Wild Slide, Jamba, Kick Champion, Dominoes, etc); and since they're rom-based they're a little more reliable (not that Infinities have many problems, both are pretty solid). The graphics aren't as high res, and there aren't as many games, but the games that are there still play great. If you have a choice of both for price you can afford I'd probably go with the Infinity, but I think $50 is a pretty good deal for a 4000 and if that's what's available. An entire coin-op machine for less than the price of a modern console game? Deal!

You can always buy a ROM upgrade to get more and different games, too. There were a lot more iterations of the "thousand" series TM's than the Infinities, too. 2000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000 and 8000. Each one had a unique set of games (due to ROM space restrictions, each iteration removed some games and added new ones). If I remember correctly the Infinity series only had one or two upgrades, although games were never removed w/ each upgrade.

08-03-11, 11:38
I've been after almost ANY revision of Megatouch/Touchmaster for years now and the prices around here are insane. Even for a horrible old POS we're talking $250, for anything with any semi-decent game selection in a relatively good shape you can double that. I really live in the wrong place! (then again, everyone says that!)

08-03-11, 11:40
It's not just you. I'm not really actively looking, but even in central Florida I haven't stumbled on anything less than $200 (working, good condition). I'm sure they're out there if you hunt, but $50 seems like a good deal.