View Full Version : Long time listener from Riverside, Ca.

25-02-11, 03:11
Hey guys. My name is Angel, Im 28 from southern California. Been listening since about episode 7. All I do is listen to video game podcast pretty much now so it was great to find one that was so long since I can blow through them like crazy. I am only barely joining the boards now because 1: I have never joined any forum and dont really know how they work too much. and 2: Never really had anything worth saying. But hey I got an idea for a news topic for next months show and I need to know where to submit that.

I love games. I spend pretty much all my money on games and I think I should embrace my community. I am a collector. I have a large collection of classic consoles and games as well as all the current gen, that is growing larger and larger each month. I love talking about gaming and I hope I can have some great conversations with the people on the boards here.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

25-02-11, 12:34
Hi Angel, you got off to a good start because I see you found our News Submission address and sent a couple of stories.

Thanks for making this your first forum, and you chose well because it's also the best one.

Let us all know what's in your collection.

25-02-11, 04:38
Hey Angel,

Welcome. It's always great to see another local So Cal'er here in the forums. I hope you stick around and tell us more about your collection. Glad you are enjoying the show as well.

26-02-11, 01:16
Welcome aboard Angel. Always great to see another collector in the forums. Share your collection info.

27-02-11, 12:47
Here is my collection from a year and a half ago. Its all in storage right now sadly and its caused me to buy more since im going through withdraw without them so i would guess i have almost doubled it since its been in storage.


28-02-11, 08:14
Hiya Angel - that is one impressive collection!

28-02-11, 09:14
Yeah nice collection. I hope you get it out of storage and set up again.

28-02-11, 12:05
Very nice. It's a shame to keep all that boxed away.

03-03-11, 04:06
Yeah it kills me to keep it all in storage. Plus its making me spend a lot of money adding to it because Im going through withdraw not having them in hand. I seriously have almost doubled this in the past year and a half. Thanks for comments guys.