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18-02-11, 12:28
Until the recent PS3 hacks the original xbox was the go to console for playing emulators of retro games. Now thanks to the work of some diligent hackers you can have a similar experience with your PS3 console. You no longer need to buy a jailbreak device but you do need to learn how to hack your console.

If you are on 3.55 firmware and you want to play home brew and emulators you should definitely get Kmeaw's CFW. http://ps3crunch.com/installing-kmeaw-custom-firmware-with-backup-manager-support.html

This custom firmware will allow you to play back up games as well. The one caveat however is that it is difficult to play your ps3 online and you might get banned if you do.

However if like me you are not an online player and you want to play retro games in high definition (my xbox looks very muddy even on my CRT TV) then get some emulators. Some of the emulators like SNES and NES have special shaders that make your old games look good even on a non CRT display.

There are some exciting emulators on the way. I myself can't wait for the dolphin emulator to be finished. Imagine playing Wii games with a playstation move controller. Already there are several great emulators that work almost perfectly on the PS3.
Will the PS3 become the new all in one emulation machine? What do you guys think?

18-02-11, 02:06
I'll keep my emulation to the Xbox for now. It can handle HD emulation, and I'd rather not worry about bricking my PS3.

18-02-11, 03:12
That's why I suggest using Kmeaw custom firmware. If you follow the simple tutorial you won't have any risk of bricking it. The ps3 can do things that the original xbox can't. For example lets say you want a media center to play HD quality movies from your computer. The original xbox can only play standard definition videos via a media share. The Ps3 with a little program(DLNA mediaserver) on your computer can transcode HD quality films so that you can watch them on an HDTV. You save tons of harddrive space and you can easily just look through the files on computer through the ps3 XMB. Not to mention this same program makes it easier than ever to view internet content like youtube etc on your TV. If you have the skill to hack an original xbox then you are overqualified to hack a PS3 safely. It's simply a matter of putting a patched pup on a usb memory stick and installing it through your recovery menu. It literally takes five minutes and maybe ten minutes of reading a tutorial and your done!

18-02-11, 05:25
I will be sure to give it a shot once the PS4 arrives, but I can already handle most of that without modding my PS3 off of my Windows Home Server.

I've usually turned the last gen into my emu machine since the N64, then DC, then Xbox, and now sounds like PS3 when the time is right.

18-02-11, 06:25
I think I'll go for this, I don't use my PS3 for much more than Blu-Ray movies anyway. Where would one find the emulators, any how-to on how to install them? My Dreamcast does great with my NES games, not so well with my Playstation games though, and would be nice to have all my PS1 games ona single HDD instead of a bunch of discs.

18-02-11, 11:21
I think I'll go for this, I don't use my PS3 for much more than Blu-Ray movies anyway. Where would one find the emulators, any how-to on how to install them? My Dreamcast does great with my NES games, not so well with my Playstation games though, and would be nice to have all my PS1 games ona single HDD instead of a bunch of discs.

You can find the link for emulators in my first post. It's the second link. I use the Nes, Snes, and Genesis emulators. The psone emulator is not working on my kmeaw firmware right now but I'm hoping that the developer will update the emulator soon. After you hack the ps3 download the emulators. They are in the form of a .pkg file. You put them on a usb memory stick.... you can use the same one you used to hack it. Then you can install the packages. You can either put the roms on the same usb memory stick or like the original xbox you can ftp them to the internal hard drive. It sounds really complex but it's actually very easy to do as long as you are good at following tutorials. Give it a try and I will help anyone that I can. Of course I do not take responsibility if somehow you break your PS3. It's not an easy thing to do to break it so it's not much of a concern as long as you use the Kmeaw firmware. There were some people that bricked their ps3's but they were using the Wanikko custom firmware. As far as I know no one has bricked their ps3 with Kmeaw. www.ps3-hacks.com is another great resource for information about this.

18-02-11, 01:40
You mention there could be an issue with online play... what is the vulnerability? It is some rule of thumb (like dont be an idiot and try to go online using a backup game) or is it an issue with legit games as well? Is there a known issue or just fear of the future in this area?

18-02-11, 02:28
It's a fear of a very near future in which Sony starts banning people from using PSN. There is a way to connect to PSN but you have to use your computer as a proxy. This method however may or may not be discovered by Sony. Sony is doing this to protect themselves from people that illegally pirate PS3 games. Since the PS3 is a new console this hack is probably better for those who don't play games online and just want to play games that they buy and then rip to the hard drive or as an all in one emulation and media server machine. All of this is in transition right now. There are new and inventive things heading down the pipe line. The PS3 scene is now very much like it was in the good ole days with the original xbox.

19-02-11, 02:00
Not a fear for myself, as I haven't been on the PS store in over a year now. I went ahead and installed the firmware. I got a stock 360 for stuff I wanna buy, and most games are multiplatform anymore anyway. My original hacked X-Box bit the dust last year (fried GPU) and I hadn't gotten around to getting another one. This should be a pleasant upgrade if it gets the support the original Box did.

Killer Instinct 2 fullspeed emulator anyone?

19-02-11, 04:14
No Killer Instinct 2 yet but if you remember the original xbox scene you will remember one of the first PC games ported for that system was Doom. Doom has been ported for the PS3. It doesn't accept all of the different mods yet but it does the basics. You will need to either ftp the wad files or use Comgenie's awesome file manager to put the wads in the correct folder on the internal drive. It took me a bit to finally figure it out but it was worth it to play the classic Doom on my PS3. http://ps3crunch.com/ps3-doom-v005.html Make sure you install the 3.55 package file. Here is a link to the awesome file manager: http://comgenie.com/filemanager/ Again use the 3.55 version of this file manager or it won't work.

20-02-11, 12:44
Cool that Doom was there. I kinda figured no KI2 yet, thats just one I am hoping for down the road.

26-02-11, 09:43
More PS3 emulator news. The team that made a N64 emulator for the Wii is now in the process of making one for the PS3! Does anyone here have any experience using the Wii version? Is it better or worse than the PC versions?


26-02-11, 11:44
More PS3 emulator news. The team that made a N64 emulator for the Wii is now in the process of making one for the PS3! Does anyone here have any experience using the Wii version? Is it better or worse than the PC versions?


It sucks, it's worthless, it's a piece of crap, it's ... okay dammit you got me. I've never even tried it.

It does look interesting though. :P

27-02-11, 04:01
Looks like the wii N64 emulator is slow, runs at only a few fps for most games. I'm sure the PS3 version if done right will work great. I mean if the original xbox can halfway emulate the N64 then it's likely that the PS3 can do a better job. It certainly has the horsepower whereas the Wii is just a game cube with motion controls.

08-03-11, 07:08
Wonder how sixaxis would translate to Wii controls. Or....(gasp) could you use PSMove in the Wii emulation? I'm sure the tech used for motion controls is much different though....

03-04-11, 09:24
How about using Kinect motion controlling for ps3 games. Check out what this hacker has accomplished.


11-04-11, 01:44
Now you can play DIVX AVI MKV and many other file types directly from your ps3. No more need to use your computer as a media server because the ps3 just became one on its own. This is a new homebrew program for hacked ps3's with custom firmware like Kmeaw's. The best thing about it is the new iteration can play 1080p MKV files natively. Check it out: http://ps3.dashhacks.com/2011/04/07/showtime-it-does-1080p-now

18-04-11, 02:32
Stella has been released for the PS3! Yes you heard me right finally you can play some classic Atari 2600 games on your overpriced PS3 gaming supercomputer. This is of course if you have hacked your ps3 and are running a custom firmware. This is just an initial release and the developer has some bugs to work out but it already has keyboard support. Check it out and download it if you are one of the many sporting cfw on your PS3. http://www.ps3hax.net/2011/04/release-stella-multi-platform-atari-2600-vcs-emulator/

Dosbox has been ported to the PS3. Play all your old Dos games. This is an early build so there will be issues. http://www.ps3hax.net/showthread.php?t=22318

27-05-11, 03:36
For those of you with hacked PS3s here are some prepackaged dos games no dos emulator needed just install the package and play the game. All of these are free ware games so there is no worry of copyright infringement. Some of them are full games some are just demos. List so far:

Clyde's Adventure, Sango Fighter, Crystal Caves, Jelly Bean, Blood, One Must Fall 2097, Hocus Pocus, Blake Stone - Aliens of Gold, Wacky Wheels, Fuzzy's World of Miniature Space Golf, Wolfenstein 3D, Jazz Jackrabbit,BIOMENACE 1, BIOMENACE 2, BIOMENACE 3, ZZT GAME MAKER, SCORCHED EARTH Skyroads, Star Gunner, THE LAST EICHHOF ,ElectroMan, Sky Roads Xmas Edition, GOD OF THUNDER, CD MAN.

More are on the way and there is a tutorial on the linked site to make your own. So let's say you own the full retail copy of an old dos game you could substitute your files into the package creator and make your own installable.

Find them on PSX Scene: http://psx-scene.com/forums/f190/goodfrags-epic-dos-release-thread-86989/index10.html

29-05-11, 02:26
Good collection of dos games there.

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05-06-11, 04:14
Stella for the PS3 has been updated. Yes play Atari 2600 games on your PS3 console provided you have CFW.

Newest version and probably final version of stella for the ps3. This emulator was ported by Robo Hobo. From what I read about it on PSX scene it works flawlessly now with 100 percent game compatibility. I haven't tested it yet myself however.


Keep checking this thread for more emulator news if you care. :)

30-09-11, 01:58
Some important updates this week on the PS3 hacking scene. Now you can play backups of Psone titles using the latest multiman on Kmeaw 3.55 firmware. This will also allow you to play PSOne titles region free. This is good news especially if you want to play other region original playstation titles. For now it's only for burned backups or original discs but it is a step forward in eventually being able to dump all of your psone titles onto the hard drive. Read here. (http://www.ps3hax.net/2011/09/released-multiman-02-08-00/) PSN games have also been hacked so if you bought a title on PSN but can't play it because you use a CFW you can now play your old PSN games again.