View Full Version : Intellivision Lives! VS. Atari Greatest Hits Volume 1

16-02-11, 05:21

Which one did you all like better?

16-02-11, 06:19
Nice review Mike. Gotta pick me up Atari Volume 1 sometime.

16-02-11, 07:27
Good review. I already got Atari Greatest Hits and agree on practically every point you make, Mike. They definitely could have put all games on one cart, it is a bit of a cop out.

I thought maybe they were trying to perfect the paddle controls for the second cart, given there are hardly any paddle games on Volume 1. The ones that are included have noticable "float". For example as you fly through space from one Tempest maze to the next, you can clearly hear the "pinging" sound of your controller clicking from tube to tube, even if you don't have the stylus touching the pad. And good luck trying to put in your initials in Centipede!

I asked one of the designers if Vol 2 was going to refine the paddle input or was it a limitation of the DS's technology. He said in trying to emulate paddles and trackballs, they opted to give the input some "heft". The sound you hear in Tempest as you approach a new level is the result of the spinner continuing to rotate after you take your hand of it via taking the stylus off the touch screen. His fix was to just use the d-pad to stop the rotation. (It also helps using the d-pad for putting in initials in Centipede)

Still I am glad Vol 2 will have paddle greats like Circus, Warlords, etc.

One question: I don't have Intellivision Lives yet but I see the screenshots have more of an "artist's impression" of the overlay screen. Is there an option to change the touchpad display to be more like the original? For example, although the shark looks the same, the actual overlay had three fish on it for button selections. Or maybe they made this decision for ergonomics? The original overlays were taller than wide while the DS touch pad is wider than tall.

17-02-11, 09:13
Yeah, they pretty much took the spirit of the overlay and adjusted it to fit the touch screen. I don't mind that though. The one thing I really wish they had done is allow you to switch character control from the D-Pad to the buttons on the right. Not pointing fingers at just them, because a lot of companies don't do this.
Why is that important? Those of us who are left handed can have a very difficult time "writing" with our right hand. The 3DS is going to have the same exact issues with the new Kid Icarus game.
Another issue most companies don't look at is color deficiency (color blindness). One particular game that's almost impossible for me to play is Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo. The green and yellow pieces are practically the same to me.

17-02-11, 10:01
On the subject of left-handed people getting used to controls, I listen to the Nintendo Voicechat Podcast from IGN and they get a lot of emails from left handed people complaining about the 3DS having its analog control where it is. The response from Craig Harris (before he left IGN) was to bring up the fact that all old-school gamers had to make the switch back in the early days from the right-handedness of the Atari 2600 joystick with left thumb for buttons, over to using the left hand for D-pad on the NES and right thumbs for buttons.

What's your take on that argument, Burgertime? I'm curious to hear from someone who is left-handed if this argument makes sense.

Personally, I hated when D-pads reversed the gaming control scheme from my 2600 days.

18-02-11, 05:52
My take on that is that an Atari joystick is not the same thing as holding a pen or fork, and using it to precision. I've used the directional keys on my keyboard to move on a computer game, and the Ctrl/Alt keys for jumping and shooting. That's not a problem. With the case of the 3DS, it's not a matter of just switching buttons around or where the analog is, but forcing a stylus into a left handed person's right hand. If you're going to make a game that's stylus mandatory, don't make the analog mandatory too.

I've heard some people completely trash on this view and say stuff like "Oh just shut up and deal with it you big baby. You can't get everything you want.". I'm sorry but putting someone at a disability isn't something to shut up and deal with.