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11-02-11, 07:39
This is in the Orlando airport, so I'll check it out next time I'm there. I was excited when I saw the link, but then I read the text: no classic games. Boo.


14-02-11, 06:36
So... the arcade is called "King of Kong", but it doesn't have Donkey Kong? That makes sense.

At least Billy Mitchell's ghastly mug is there on the entrance sign to greet visitors.

19-02-11, 09:58
They will also have to replace the billboard, because none of them are King of Kong anymore. Thanks to Hank Chien.

I watched the movie “King of Kong - A fistful of quarters” and I was disgusted on the way that the guy Stevie Webie was treated regarding the record breaking and all the psychological pressure he was submitted. I was sorry for that guy.

Now I see they have an arcade together and share a billboard… The conclusion here is:

- business is business.

20-02-11, 11:14
Hey mcsoter,
It's strange - I was re-listening to some old shows as of retro gaming radio and Shane interviewed both Billy and Steve way before the film came out Billy had nothing but praise for Steve. - he even brought Steve onto the show and introduced him to everyone.

I'd forgotten all about it and thought Billy had acted like a dick when i saw the film i but then i suppose you can pretty much edit anything to look like what you want now a days.

You should have a listen if you can get hold of it.

21-02-11, 07:03
I can't remember where I was reading it, but there was quite the uproar over the way KoK portrayed the actual events. It might have been on the Twin Galaxies forums, actually. Some guys from the movie (in particular, that creepy dork pedophile-looking guy Rob Mruczek or whatever his name is.. the guy that masturbates to VHS videos of week-long Nibbler "performances" out of the goodness of his heart) were chiming in with lengthy dissertations on the film's inaccuracies. I think Walter Day himself (the referee guy and founder of TG) might have joined the fray as well. Of particular interest was the scene at Billy's restaurant; the TG guys reserved the majority of their KoK vitriol for how that scene was edited.

I suppose, it could be argued that these people are just Billy Mitchell sycophants and that explains their position on the matter. Or, maybe the movie is just as much fiction as it is truth.

Steve Wiebe was interviewed on-air by a local radio station a while back. The show hosts were trying to get Wiebe to trash-talk Billy Mitchell but he wouldn't do it. They asked him about all the talk about how the movie was creatively edited to inflate the rivalry, etc. He wouldn't give definitive answers (after all, it's probably in his best interest to let the image of harsh rivalry live on) but what I gathered was that the truth in how Billy Mitchell actually treated him was somewhere in between what the movie portrays and what the Mitchell defenders have said since. In other words, there were instances where Wiebe felt legitimately snubbed, etc. but it probably wasn't as extreme as the movie will have you believe.

22-02-11, 02:12
Billy Mitchell is a dork and his arcade sucks.

27-02-11, 09:45
Hello guys

I will try to get the interview and take a second opinion.

But on the bottom line garethpeterkennerley and Cynicaster are right.

You can pretty much edit anything and create a rivalry where all parts can make the most profit.

Also, as it was mentioned the truth lies on the average. It is necessary to add everithing and divide it.


27-06-11, 07:56
I got a chance to stop in over the weekend and took a look around:

Avatar Pin
Aliens gun game (pretty modern, not sure when it came out)
Terminator Salvation gun game (I think it was just released in the last year or two)
Two modern sit-down driving games.
Some redemption stuff.

I walked in Sunday, and there was another older-looking guy (maybe early 40s) - we both looked around for a bit and walked out. I didn't talk to the guy but he's pretty much in my demographic - I bet if there were ANY classic games he would have played. Just like me. I couldn't bring myself to spend a dime on any of those games, so I left - and he did the same. Oddly, there was no attendant despite all the redemption stuff, and a display case full of t-shirts, etc.

I flew back in this morning and had some time to kill, so I figured I'd play Aliens. $1 per play, and that lasted about two minutes. Typical modern gun game. Not terrible, but not terribly exciting either. Keep holding "shoot" until your health bar runs out.

Neat decorations in the place, but it's pretty terrible as far as arcades go. For all the money they must have spent on just the Terminator Salvation or Avatar pin I bet they could have bought a wall full of classic games and gotten a service contract. I sure would have spent more money and time in the place.

27-06-11, 10:03
Love that T4 game, my next addition to the collection for sure!

Classics are a win-win idea, adults and kids love them, they are cheap to buy and maintain. It doesn't have to be an all classics arcade, but a few help improve the balance.