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07-02-11, 09:49
I finished ME1 4 times and got all the achievements, and I absolutely loved the game. I've put somewhere between 20 and 30 hours into ME2.

I imported my level 60 Adept. I just got through the part where you attempt to intervene in the collector's invasion of a human colony - After you finish recruiting some teammates. I liked the missions on Omega, but once I left, I felt the game slipped a bit. I was wondering if others had similar complaints as the ones below. I WANT to love this game, but I'm tiring of it already which is disappointing. Please give me good reasons to stop thinking these things and come back to loving ME2!

no experience for killing enemies
--this means no leveling up during a mission; adjustment is useful if you are facing a certain class of enemy over and over

leveling options are greatly reduced
--reminds me of playing Super Sprint or RC Pro-AM "I guess I'll get the super sticky tires?"

no modifications for weapons and armor mid mission
--this means not being able to try different options mid mission also useful if facing the same class of enemy

equipment and weapons are not readily availible for purchase
--seemingly no matter how long I explore, I can't find a better smg for Miranda or a better pistol for myself
--Because the difficulty is increased by not having the right gear for the job - I'd like to be able to find the right weapons, but I cant because you changed the game and I guess I just have to keep rolling forward with the same stupid machine pistol
--I explored the Citadel and Omega - I bought everything I could afford - now what

story progresses regardless of my choice
--I recruited the last teammate and was immediately put in mission - what about those upgrades I was saving up for? What about finding more platinum er whatever . . .

--I was never really frustrated by repetition in the first game, but in this one I seem to be fighting the same groups of baddies over and over. Last night I thought that I would rather quit the game than fight the same 3 waves of collectors again. I was down to the last 2 guys for pete's sake!

Some dialog options are not as polished as the first game
--Talking to Garrus on the Normandy and Shepard says 'here on Omega'
--Talking to Miranda and a different dialog prompt resulted in repeat dialog spoken

What is the Point of Paragon or Renegade in this game?
--In the first game you could reslove scenarios with these options but now they just are a chance to hear your character sound like a bee-sting
--In spite of trying to choose renegade 95% of the time, I have about even blue and red

Collecting Ore from planets is a mini-game compared to the way this worked in ME1
--Do I ever get the chance to trade one kind of ore for another?
--I actually liked driving the Mako and exploring planets

The collectors plot is copied from Gears of War and they look a bit like 'The Flood' from Halo
--Opinion I guess, but I liked ME1 because it seemed really original. The collectors are a step back as an enemy.

If you are going to make the action gameplay more like Gears of War then please give me campaign co-op
--I never really noticed the AI in the first game as hindering me. Last night while fighting 2 'Scions,' I had to tell my wingmen to stand right next to me in a truck bed so they wouldn't wander off and leave me exposed to husk charges . . .
--A 2nd human player would have helped

08-02-11, 12:52
Played through it last year. All of your complaints are valid, and what you see now is what you get all the way through. ME1 was an RPG, ME2 is an action game. I liked it for what it was, but the two games play feels very different.

08-02-11, 04:41
I've always had problems with both games. I've played through ME 1, and crappy vehicles controls be damned, the action sequences kept me going. However, looking at Biowares past they are very well known for not making the same game twice. I don;t see how looking at their track record you find it all that surprising that the game differs that greatly.

08-02-11, 09:02
It's funny, it didn't occur to me that the driving was a problem in ME1. Once I figured out that you could position the MAKO horizontally in front of your enemy and move it back and forth to avoid fire, it was gravy . . .

The differences between ME2 and ME1 are pretty significant. They changed things that they had been doing since KOTOR with items and ability points. I don't really find it all that surprising but its a bit of a disappointment.

09-02-11, 01:06
They rebuilt the game to sell well on the 360, and they hit that target market very well. I personally prefer the heavier role playing elements, but liked ME2 for what it was. I suspect ME3 won't stray far from ME2.