View Full Version : New arcade in Vegas!

07-02-11, 12:43
Well, it looks like we have a new place to play after hours during CGE!!!


07-02-11, 01:56
Nice well have to get there.

07-02-11, 03:04
Sadly though it is in old downtown, hopefully it lasts...

07-02-11, 04:48
Fingers crossed... I have little to no experience of the old town - I heard it was a pretty "happening" area for clubs, bars and restaurants though... if so then maybe its a good area and surely will be cheaper in terms of property than the main part of the strip.

07-02-11, 06:53
I was down there 2 years ago at around midnight for the light show, had I not parked in Binyons structure I would not have been walking around off Fremont, sorry if I offend but this a slum area in my opinion. Best part was I got propositioned by a hooker...

On a related note, rumors are they are moving Star Trek Experience to this area so they are trying to fix it up