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06-02-11, 02:59
I picked up a Gizmondo for $25 at the swap meet today. New. But missing battery. Anyone have any games for this thing? I know there were only 15 or so. Some look pretty good. Let me know if you have some to sell.

06-02-11, 03:07
Mike, I did some digging, it is just a 3.7v 1200mah LiIon battery, cheap and common. You would just need to make a pigtail to attach it. Simple 3 wire soldering job.

06-02-11, 04:25
Nice find. The GPS didn't live up to my expectations but the Augmented Reality aspect was very neat. There was a big sell off from someone in Texas a few years ago. I got a brand new Gizmondo for $50 and about 8 new games for $2 each. I don't have any dupes though, sorry. Most games can be 'acquired' through other means than original SD cards. This site gizmondoforums.com (http://www.gizmondoforums.com/) was very helpful with installing software (EMUs and different front ends, etc.).

06-02-11, 04:52
I have some games for mine and Trailblazer is a must buy if you see that, SoCal.

I agree the GPS app was pretty bad. It had me driving alongside the road I was on rather than on it, but as a device it is pretty novel.

I looked into running emus etc but every link I found for the firmware patch was dead, but the link above seems to be working.

10-02-11, 11:27
I bought a few batteries just in case i ever needed a spare - all brand new and boxed :) PM your address and i'll send you one out.

10-02-11, 11:48
So, I got mine "upgraded" and tried out a few emulators. Most of them seem to be ports from the GP32 and some work very well, some work a little and some I didn't get to work at all.

NES, SNES, C64 and 2600 seem to be the best and are the only 4 I left on it. The others were too hit and miss for me and I have them all on my PSP anyway.

My recomendation is to hook up some headphones and play either P.O.D. or Trailblazer. The audio on the thing is insane.

10-02-11, 06:21
How does emulation on the Gizmondo compare to the PSP? I like the PSP control pad and buttons, they feel real tight and nice.

I look at the Gizmondo D-pad and it doesn't look like the neatest one.

10-02-11, 09:20
The PSP is far better and its emulators are much ore developed and reliable, but that's understandable. The Gizmondo came out and was killed almost straight away so people pretty much stopped emulation development.

That said, the four I mentioned above are very good so far.

The Dpad is good and is very comfortable, for something like 1942 where you need to move from straight to diagonal and back quickly it is great, probably better than the PS but for something like pacman it doesn't feel as precise, but I haven't actually died in a game as a result of the Dpad.

If you see one cheap I would recommend anyone pick it up, it's just unfortunate that everything it does (and it does a lot) is done better by something else, and you probably already own it.

25-02-11, 05:54
Well, I got two games for my Giz - Trailblazer and Toy Golf. And I had a battery sent to me from the UK. But not it isn't charged and I believe I need the AC charger. But only available in the UK again. Anyone if I can find an AC adapter to fit here in the states?

25-02-11, 08:09
You may be able to get a multi adaptor to fit it or I also have a car charger for it too.

BTW, Trailblazer is worth waiting for. Play it with headphones on and it will blow you away.