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01-02-11, 06:44
Anyone know anything about this? Or have one? What are your opinions? It looks like a bit of a combination of the MMC Replay (which it has superseded) and the MCC that Scott talked about a few shows ago (which I see now has a 2600 core!).

I'm kinda confused as to how this runs in "standalone mode", but the fact that it has VGA output is pretty cool. I have the MMC Replay but it would be nice to have my C64 set up next to my PC in my regular work area.


01-02-11, 07:10
Ok, I looked it over. It is an SBC (Single Board Computer) meaning it is a stand alone C64 clone with all sorts of upgrades in terms of CPU, RAM, ability to use USB, SD, VGA etc. You can run the cart as its own computer just like the MCC, or plug it into a C64 and use the C64. They are both FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) in short an integrated circuit that can model an entire classic computer. It would have trade-offs, this one can be used as a cart whereas the MCC can't but the MCC can be many computers etc. Without the joystick ports though on the Vesalia unit it would be hard to use as a stand alone for games from what I can see.

My 5 min look over opinion is that the MCC is suited for pickup play and the Vesalia unit is more suited to hardcore and development use.

01-02-11, 07:52
Well, you basically confirmed pretty much all of my assumptions, thanks Scott. Its a kinda tough choice as I am definitely thinking of getting one of the two. At approx $270 (given exchange rates etc) I think its a little pricey, but I do like the idea of moving my C64 from beneath the TV and onto my desk.... and I like the 'feel' of real hardware. I'm happy with the MMC Replay but wish there was an easy way to hook it up to VGA. There has been talk of VGA adapters for the C64 fro a long time but so far this is the first working example I have seen.