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31-01-11, 06:17
This is hard to watch... hope its not been posted before.


31-01-11, 08:05
It would be a shame if one of them got their shirt snagged on a falling machine.

Gordon Bennett
31-01-11, 09:59
They say that it is to show that some games are not good enough for them to sell. Which to me (and no doubt to many of you) completely backfired. It looks like people with a complete and callous disregard for classic games to me. Why people who sell them would want to publicise themselves in this way baffles me.

31-01-11, 11:33
If you want to read more about both ends of the argument... you can read up here:


31-01-11, 11:38
This shop is know for premium prices. If you look at the games as they come down you see Marquees, glass, monitors, side rails, etc that were all useful parts until they hit. I think it was more of a case of they couldn't sell them for what they wanted to. I don't know about the "couldn't give them away" idea. I bet we could find enough people on our forum that would have picked up project games. As for the no longer repairable idea, I have restored games that were FAR rougher than those.

01-02-11, 12:41
Perfectly usable parts, in some cases machines that were definately repairable, destroyed for no good reason. What a douche. He coulda sold these at 100 bucks a pop easy. Or, heaven forbid, GIVE them away as units in need of repair.

01-02-11, 01:04
Yep the Tempest looked pretty decent to me, if for nothing other than a very nice looking mame cab - whatever you think of mame'ing a classic cab, its better then smashing it up.

01-02-11, 05:53
I bet they think - "we've had these forever and nobody wants them."

It takes a lot of effort to pull useable parts, test them and then try to gauge their value. I've tried to do that for tons of old PC equipment and eventually you realize that the stuff only has value if you think that your time is worthless. They've got a lot working against them if they think junk farming is going to be profitable in the first place . . . Too bad this equipment is so big that you can't ship it around the world or they would have easily found a home somewhere. It would be nice if someone would hurry up and invent the teleporter so we can all get the arcade machines we want instantly.

All that being said - what arcade afficianado is going to be able to watch this without their anus twitching? Somone on those comments pointed out that if they are trying to get more customers with this stunt, how could their target market possibly be impressed?

01-02-11, 04:18
Here is a playfield restoration done from one of the games that came off of the roof...


01-02-11, 04:36
This place, TNT Amusements, is right down the road from me.

01-02-11, 05:59
HA! JoeJet did you watch that video to the end? I don't know anything about restoring playfields, but I am from the south and was totally ready to call BS on this guy BEFORE I watched the last 20 seconds or so of that video.

01-02-11, 07:06
Wow.. took you THAT long? :)

05-02-11, 02:54
This place, TNT Amusements, is right down the road from me.

I used to live in Feasterville myself. I once gave TNT an old Pole Position cabinet I couldn't transport when I moved from the area.

I wonder when they threw that one off the roof?

22-02-11, 02:20
"If we can't have 'em - nobody will!"
What a bunch of jerks.

22-02-11, 08:47
I could only watch the first one. I think we should re-edit it this with the song from the Sarah McLachlan ASPCA ad:

24-02-11, 04:24
I think this advertising campaign of theirs would have worked a lot better with just one machine. It's enough to get the point across that they don't sell junk, without destroying some fairly nice cabinets. If they shot the same machine falling from multiple angles, it would have seemed like a bunch of machines.
There really is no reason they couldn't give these away. For the time it took them to haul all of those up to the roof, they could have easily posted some ads for them, they probably could have gotten $100 for all them easily. But instead they spend hours getting them to the roof and then cleaning up the mess, for entertainment value?
I got my arcade cab from the trash, and its not in great shape, and would have likely been one they would have thrown off the roof. But you know what? I spent the time to get it back in working order and I love it. Sure its not the greatest game (Jail Break) but everyone that comes in my game room has to pop a quarter in it to try it out, and my 3 year old niece just loves it. And it didn't even cost me the $1000 they talk about in one of the YouTube comments, all it cost me was a few hours, some spray paint and a bit of used wire.

Bango Skank UK
24-03-11, 01:09
Late to the party but I had to post. This breaks my heart. In my experience even half decent original arcade games are like fucking gold dust over here. Particularly if you live in the midlands like I do about as far from any seaside arcades as you can get. Not one of those games tossed off the roof would fetch less than 200 quid on [Edit: the auction site that shall not be named.co.uk] - working or not!

26-04-11, 12:24