View Full Version : Xbox Live Service Labels Autistic Kid A "cheater"

27-01-11, 08:59

Few things in this world make me angry like messing with people with special needs. Microsoft is already a judgmental service to begin with, but this is just uncalled for.

28-01-11, 01:46
Wow. This makes M$ look like a giant ass, and if they have any brains in their PR department they will fix this yesterday and give him free membership for life.

30-01-11, 04:14
However, it is a really big honor actually if you think about it. To be so good at video games that Microsoft thinks you are cheating? That is actually pretty awesome.

31-01-11, 01:12
Ummmm thats not what happened. He gave out his gamertag to someone else that hacked it and his mom admitted it. Non-story.

31-01-11, 11:32
Wow. So the kid did cheat, and his mother let them make a statement to the news about it. I love America.

01-02-11, 12:17
Josh you weren't entirely wrong to post this, it is a prime example of knee jerk America. The mother should have waited till she heard back from M$ on an official level, but she didn't she thought that her precious little one was being bullied. Gawd forbid that he did something wrong, how many times have you heard "not my "billy" he is the good one, your child is the bad influence" ect

01-02-11, 03:52
Well on top of that, the news actually AIRED it!?!? Morons. It seems like i cant go two days of my local news without some stupid segment on how some kid was bullied on facebook. How about the times when i grew up and people physically got their asses kicked in schools, picked on profusely? You ever see THAT on TV? Heck, i am sure it still happens... But if little Johnny gets called "queer" or a "douche" on his wall "OH MY GHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOD!" Now that its online - any stupid post creates some backlash - jeez.

01-02-11, 06:59
Yeah I am surprised that they did air it in retrospect, I should go back and see if they updated the footage or if they did the old newspaper trick of publish the headline first and print a retraction on page 9 if they got it wrong a week later.

I see that they did update the text on the page... Yup they did redo the video, and of course mom cried poor us, M$ is bullying us, sure he did wrong, but M$ is too big to fight... you and your son violated TOS of Xbox Live and yet they still gave you a free month

02-02-11, 12:20
I posted the story from Slashdot.com. I figured it was pretty solid, but it makes me angry as a reader of theirs, that the news team that drummed up the story didn't properly fact check the details before allowing it to go to the news desk.
Also, the mom in this story seems really shady too. I figure she would know if her son shared his Live tag, if she was paying attention to him. Not to mention the kid is like 11, so one would hope she doesn't let the tv and x box work babysitter duty.

02-02-11, 01:30
The mom was totally shady in both the videos... Agreed that kid shouldn't be on Xbox that much...

I really want to know what his true gamerscore was before they wiped his account. Cause if you watched the first vid clip I didn't see any games under the tv or any where else in the clip.

02-02-11, 01:36
After reading the story linked above, I had a few things to say. Fortunately, the rest of you took care of it for me. :) The kid cheated, the mom claims he's autistic (which gives her an out for him just being a typical brat due to bad parenting...purely my opinion since every kid that is just a brat is now autistic) and was being bullied, and the story made headlines without any actual research. Why is anyone surprised? And why did some just gang up on MS without thinking about it?