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23-01-11, 03:23
Episode - BLUE MOON

We are on the hunt for Commodore 64 Games -- Games that have never been featured on YouTube until now! This episode we bring you - BLUE MOON. Blue Moon takes aspects of Astro Blaster, Moon Cresta and lunar lander and adds a sprinkle of GORF... and Galaxian to create a very good, obscure C64 shooter. One level features "bouncing" aliens that I am surprised were never integrated into any other commercially successful space shooter. It really is a great concept and makes this game unique among other space invader clones.

All our videos are ripped from a real C64 using EZCAP. No emulation here!


23-01-11, 04:14
It has a Gorf feel to it.

23-01-11, 04:19
"Commodities" - what an awesome title!

08-02-11, 01:17
Im ebarrassed to say - it took me a day before I 'got' it - Commodities! Good one!

28-09-12, 11:31
Diamond Mine - Roklan, Cartridge


Gordon Bennett
03-10-12, 01:12
I'm enjoying these. The C64 is still my all-time favourite gaming platform. Do keep these up, I'm always keen to discover gems hidden away in its massive library or to see obscure games that I do know covered.


17-10-12, 10:31
Mr. TNT from HesWare


18-10-12, 02:45
Great game, used to love it!

19-10-12, 09:39
Great game, used to love it!

Ya, it's really really good! I could have so seen this as a full size arcade game in the day. I think it would have been huge! I've really enjoyed building my C64 cartridge collection - about 75 in it so far and some pretty rare ones. It's my fav thing to collect for right now.

20-10-12, 12:16
Cart is a format I never collected for but I am seriously considering it! I had only a handful back in the day (but a load for the Vic 20). Did you find it at a swap or online?

31-01-13, 03:15
This is a great little series So Cal. Never having a C64 myself, I didn't do too much gaming on one so my knowledge of C64 games is lacking except for the more popular games. It's great to discover these unknown (to me) gems.
Any chance for more videos?

31-01-13, 04:11
Sure, I'll do more. Heck, I'll do one today even! In the meantime, I will cross post this one over here too as it's C64 related. The Magic Voice!


31-01-13, 04:14
And another old Commodities that I never post here for some reason. Here's Minit Man!


31-01-13, 04:18
And the C64 Robtek Game Killer: