View Full Version : Mario's Education titles for PC early 90s

20-01-11, 10:58
These are available for sale over at the devil's auction site (UK Branch) and it's not so often that you see a Mario title from a 3rd party and for the PC no less. They appear to be from the early 90s, published by Mindscape and at least one of them found it's way to the SNES.

Anyone with 1st hand experience of this oddity?


25-01-11, 02:29
Mario's Time Machine was available for SNES and NES, which I've played via emulation. I did not enjoy it. It has a simliar premise to Mario is Missing, a little too close for my comfort. The company that published these games, Mindscape, has an interesting past. They made the Miracle piano and were involved in porting Wing Commander to the SNES.

If you're looking for odd mario titles, check into Super Mario Print World. It came out in 1992 or so. It's basically Print Shop but with Mario-themed graphics and fonts. It came with both 3.5" floppies (double density!) and 5.25" floppies. I forgot who published it. Probably this same company.